Friday, April 5, 2013

A-Z Challenge: E is For Encyclopedia

E is For Encyclopedia

Today anything that you need to learn can be found on the Internet, but when I was a child there was no Internet.  I had to rely on the encyclopedia.  All through elementary school (and probably middle school too) my favorite reference material was our set of Golden Books Encyclopedias.  Sixteen volumes of just about everything that a kid needed to know.  I'm pretty sure that my mother purchased them at the grocery store...a book a week for 16 weeks, and that we were missing a few weeks.  We had a full set of Encyclopedia Britannia, but the Golden Books were written for kids and had colorful illustrations.  I liked to read them just for fun, not only when I needed to do homework.  (Because I rarely did homework!)

Now I wish I had a set of Golden Book Encyclopedias for my granddaughters.  Would they love them like I did?  Or, are they already conditioned to get their information from technology?

As I typed the title to this post I had the voice of Jiminy Cricket in my head spelling it out


Did you grow up in the 50's?  If you did, I bet you can sign along with this video.  Enjoy:


  1. Ha! We had Childcraft books when I was growing up and they were my very best friend. My sister and I memorized some poems and also read stories to each other from them. I miss seeing things in print (as I sit here at my laptop typing electronically). :-)

  2. I loved our encyclopedias too! Still have my parent's old set... Richards Topical Encyclopedia copyright 1933... loved looking through it as a child. Still do. We also have the Encyclopedia Britannica which we bought when our kids were young. Now everyone just uses the Internet. And it's great! And fast! But... not the same. And yes, I grew up in the 50's and really enjoyed listening to Jiminy Cricket. Thanks for the memory.

  3. I grew up in the 70's. My mom bought a fancy set of Encyclopedias from Brittanica. I loved to look through them all of the time. They were so fancy and expensive looking.

    That being said, the internet allows my children to research things so much more thouroughly today.

  4. I hardly did homework either, and that's how I never finished high school. We had encyclopedias too :/. good post!

    My AtoZ challenge

  5. I so loved encyclopedias when I was growing up. We had the World Book and my aunt and uncle had Childcraft and the Golden Books. Like you, I read them for entertainment as well as homework. So many wonderful pictures! So many facts and poems and stories! A world to enter each day. Thanks for the reminder. Peace.


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