Friday, April 26, 2013

A to Z Challenge: W Is For When We Were Very Young

W Is For When We Were Very Young

Earlier this week I wrote about a treasured childhood book of poems, When We Were Very Young, by AA Milne.  That title popped into my head when I was searching for an appropriate W topic.  I thought I might share a little about my childhood and if I find some embarrassing pictures of my brother it will be a bonus! I'm going to visit him in California next week.  This week he is in Italy riding bicycles and there's not much chance he is reading my blog. 

Both my brother Leigh and I were born in England.  Here's a picture of us with some of our playmates.  Leigh is the one with his tongue out.  I am in the center.  Aren't we so very English?

Here is a picture of my brother and I on the ship that brought us to America.  Note that he is wearing a sailor suit.  He couldn't say his S's and called it his "dailor duit."  When we were growing up, every time a picture of him in the "dailor duit"  was shown, he had to hear that story.  Awww, precious!

Here we are at Knott's Berry Farm in 1959.  It's surprising that my brother didn't grow up to be a member of the Village People.  When we were very young he must have liked dressing up in costume.  (Sing along, you know you want to... It's fun to stay at the  YMCA...
spelling it out with your arms is optional.)

Earlier this year I visited my family in California and we went to a swap meet.  Here's my brother pointing out the quality merchandise that was available. 

And here we are with my dad at the ocean.  I never would have stood with him on a cliff when we were young; he would have pushed me over...and then told our parents that I started it!

I'm looking forward to seeing my family next week, even my brother!


  1. The picture of you at Knott's Berry Farm looks exactly like Megan. Even Jason agrees.

  2. Oh, happy times with family ahead! I'm so glad you decided to do the challenge and I've gotten to visit you daily for all this time! Will you please post some pictures of your fun times coming up? I've loved this month!!! :-)

  3. The pictures are precious. It is wonderful when positive sibling relationships last throughout their lives. Have a great visit!

  4. Love the photos! Just looks at the satisfied smile with that license plate holder. He looks like he just struck gold. LOL!

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  6. These are wonderful old pictures! I still am surprised when I'm reminded you're a this-generation immigrant.

  7. Love the photos and the needling rivalry it seems you have with your brother. Fun sibling bonds are great. Enjoy the visit!

  8. Great post. I loved seeing the photos. I loved the stories also. Did your brother buy the gift for you? LOL


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