Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N : I've got Nothing!

All this month I am participating in the A to Z Challenge.  Today's letter is...

We're half way through the A to Z Challenge, but there are some tough letters coming up.  N should not be a particularly challenging letter, but I've got nothing.  I've been working this week writing a grant.  I think I've reached my writing word limit and the word well is dry.

So help me out.  Give me some suggestions for the remaining letters of the alphabet.  


  1. Well, if it were me I would probably have shown you a picture of a Nuthatch. One of my favorite birds. :-)

  2. uhm I already gave you a suggestion for "L" and you blew right past it... Maybe when you get to "R" you can say nice things, or "V" for my hometown.

  3. This is so funny because I had nothing for N up till the day of the post!!! I was just going to post N is for nothing:))) Great minds think (or don't think) alike! Thanks for the laugh!


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