Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hands Across America

All this month I am participating in the A to Z Challenge.  Today's letter is H.

Last week I wrote about my mother's leftist leanings and mentioned her participation in protests and lost causes.  This evening I was digging through boxes of old family photos searching for inspiration for something that began with "H." I found a few photographs of me with hideous hairdos, but I see no need to humiliate myself in my own blog.  (If I destroy the visual evidence, there's a good chance that no one will ever remember that I sported an Afro in the 70's.)  I found pictures of my mom protesting at some Justice for Central America rally...

That's my mom with the picket sign in the blue T-shirt.

...and then I found an "H,"  Hands Across America.  

In May of 1986 almost six million people held hands to form a 4,125 mile human chain from New York City to Long Beach, California.  The event was designed to focus attention on homelessness and hunger and many participants donated $10.00 each to reserve their place in the line.  The money raised went to local charities.  My mom took her place in the line somewhere in the desert in California.

That's my mom in the red shorts below:

Do you remember Hands Across America?


  1. Your mom and I would have been great friends, I just know it. Of course, I think she produced a wonderful daughter. :-)

  2. I remember Hands Across America very well. My gosh, was it that long ago! I also remember the Afro, as I wore one also.

    You should be so proud of your mom for putting her thoughts into action. It is not always popular, and can be dangerous at times, but it is always brave.

  3. I've never participated in rallies, but I admire people who feel strongly about enough causes to do so.

  4. Cleveland, Ohio. I was there. Good for your mom and the red shorts!

  5. Yes, I remember. It was very cool, and brought a lot of people together.

  6. I do remember Hands Across America... and MY hideous 70's afro.

  7. I do remember Hands Across America. Your mom certainly was a great role model for social activism. Good for her.

  8. I'm dating myself by saying it: I've never heard of Hands Across America. But it does sound amazing.

  9. In 1986 I was obviously very busy with my own life, because I didn't pay any attention to Hands Across America. Thinking back to what was going on in our family, I know why.


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