Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A to Z Challenge 2016: Q is for Quiet

We have been enjoying the laid back lifestyle at the beach.  It is peaceful and quiet here, and other than our "work" duties, there is little that has to be done.  This time of year it is mainly retired people camping.  There haven't been any rowdy groups to break the calm tempo of life here.

Today we ventured into new territory.  Along with a fellow park volunteer,  we kayaked 4.5 miles from the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve to the Charleston Bridge.  Until we rounded Valino Island and could see the Charleston Bridge, we didn't see another human.  It was a lovely break from civilization. The only sounds were the geese taking flight and the thwap, thwap, thwap of our paddles against the water. 

I was surprised that we covered that many miles so quickly.  I hadn't even stopped to eat the snack I had packed!

I took a selfie, just to prove I really am a kayaker, but I don't look especially peaceful and relaxed in this shot!

Here's a shot of the spouse and our friend, Julie, exploring near the shoreline.

What a great day of peace, quiet, and good company!


  1. Selfies never look relaxed, but it was nice to see your face anyway, Jann. It does look very peaceful and relaxing. :-)

  2. How nice. Glad you don't have the crazies, but that may change...

    Liz A. from Laws of Gravity

    & Unicorn Bell ("Rewind")

  3. We have had such wonderful weather lately that you have had good opportunities for outdoor activities there on the coast. That is not always the case. Lucky you.

  4. Oh good, you're practicing! I can hardly wait for our kayak adventures on Vashon. :-)

  5. Yeah! I'm with Deb. She just reminded me about our upcoming kayak adventures! Yikes, I'm scared just thinking about it! It's ok that you don't look too relaxed in the selfie - I find it so difficult to take a selfie, I always look like I'm wearing a grimace - not the look I'm planning for!

    So glad you are getting lots of peace and quiet. We're getting ready to head out for a few weeks of National Park visiting. We're hoping they will be filled with retired people who aren't into loud partying!

  6. How fun! My husband loves kayaking...well, mostly he likes to sit in a boat and fish. His friends who kayak don't like to sit still, so he has a hard time finding people to go out on the lake with!


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