Monday, March 30, 2015

Coming Soon

Despite my good intentions, I've been absent from the Blogosphere for awhile, but all that is going to change in April.  It's time for the A to Z Challenge.  Monday through Saturday in April I will be posting a new entry every day.  Starting with the letter A on April 1, I will work my way through the alphabet.  This year there are a huge number of participants.  Click here for the home page for Blogging from A to Z to see the list of participants.

Some A to Z bloggers choose a theme for their postings.  I'm way too random to try that.  I have also done no advanced writing or planning...I'm already starting to worry about "W, X, Y, and Z"  If you have any topic suggestions for any of the alphabet letters, please leave me a note in the comments.

We're going to take a trip to the Oregon coast later this week and may not have wifi, but I'll catch up with postings when we hit the civilized areas.

Quick, anyone have any good ideas for A...or B...?
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