Friday, April 1, 2016

A to Z 2016: A is for Adventure

Once again I will be participating in the A to Z Challenge.  Every day except Sunday for the month of April,  I will write a blog post corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. I will start with the letter A on April 1 and end the month with Z.  A to Z bloggers who are organized have themes and have planned out their month-long writing assignments...don't expect any of that here!  

Today is my first day of a month-long adventure as a camp host at Sunset Bay State Park.  The spouse and I left Hermiston yesterday. He drove the pick-up and towed Stanley, our Airstream trailer.    I followed in my car.  I had a view of Airstream ass for 400 miles to Coos Bay.

The pickup was loaded with every conceivable thing we thought we might need: kayaks, bikes, lounge chairs, beer, fishing equipment, and a huge bag of books.

We arrived at Sunset Bay State Park around dinner time yesterday.  We are blessed in Oregon to have fantastic state parks and Sunset Bay is really beautiful.  I had planned to share photos of our travel and our site, but I took pictures with my iPhone and there is no phone service here.  I'll have to wait until we drive back into Coos Bay for my phone photos to upload to the cloud.  We do have satellite wifi and I have my fingers crossed that this file will upload.  

Camp hosting takes us out of our usual routine and forces us to try new things.  It's an adventure!  I hope you will join me for the rest of the month as I share our daily adventures.


  1. I'm in. I'll be looking for your posts. I guess A is for April?

  2. Good timing for the challenge :)

  3. Airstream is beautiful! (And A could've been for "Airstream's ass" as well lol)
    Hope you're gonna enjoy your adventure!

  4. This adventure will be great fun for you and for us reading about it.

  5. I'm glad you're in the adventure; we see so little of you since Stanley came into your lives!

  6. A is for Adventure, Airstream, and Ass! Yay for you doing this challenge again, while you are doing this wonderful trip. I hope to see a picture of you in your kayak before it's all over. :-)

  7. So glad you're having this adventure and sharing it with us. Practice lots in your kayak. You'll have some ducklings to lead in October. :-)

  8. I'll be happy to tag along. You are doing something that I could never imagine myself doing. But, it sounds so cool!

  9. I'm so happy that have started a new adventure.
    Boy do I know the feeling about having no cell signal and internet.
    I'm looking for a cell signal booster for our RV right now...


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