Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The One Where Nana Goes to the Dentist and Then Has a Job Interview

I went to the dentist yesterday. I had three teeth that needed attention. The dentist gave me shots of Novocain upper and lower on both sides of my mouth. Even my tongue was numb. After an hour of drilling and buffing and suctioning I was sent home decay-free. Forty-five minutes later I had a phone interview with a recruiter for a job in Austin, Texas. After being retired for a year, it is obvious that I’ve lost some of my skills in scheduling.

I was reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer goes to the dentist. Click on the link below and you’ll get an idea of how my interview went.


  1. Yup! That's the one; even better than seeing Hogwart's in a window reflection.

  2. I hate that thing, where you go to the dentist and then later on you dribble tea down your chin because you can't feel where the cup is going! So embarrassing!

  3. Skip...I don't know, Hogwarts would be pretty cool.

    Fran...exactly! I love that I've got readers from England. I was born there, still have relatives there and feel a connection. I still like milk in my tea, hot not iced!

    Linda...the grandchildren are there. We talk about moving there. It would ease the transition to work for a few years and get resettled. I like the hot weather. On the other hand, it's Texas. But first I'd have to get a good job...

  4. At least the Novocain worked on you. It took four doses and three hours later I did not know I had a head.

  5. I’m glad that your visit to the dentist was successful. I do hope that your mouth and tongue had recovered from the Novocaine in time for the job interview. Hey, at least you showed up to the interview with gleaming white teeth and a healthy mouth!


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