Saturday, April 9, 2016

A to Z Challenge 2016: H is for Home Away From Home

If you have been following along, you know that for April and May the spouse and I are serving as volunteers for the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department.  This month we are park hosts at Sunset Bay State Park on the beautiful Oregon coast outside Coos Bay.  I thought I would take you on a short tour of our home away from home, our Airstream Silver Cloud trailer.

We named our trailer Stanley.  You can read about how he got his name here.  The trailer is 26 feet long, shiny and efficient.  We love it!  Here's Stanley tucked into our site at Sunset Bay State Park.

When you step in the door you are in our dining/living room.  The windows all around give us a great view of the outside.  The table makes in to an extra bed and there is a trundle bed that pulls out of the sofa on the front left.  That's were the granddaughters will sleep when they come this summer for Nana Camp.

If you are sitting at the table and look toward the back of the trailer you see the kitchen.  We have a gas oven and stove, refrigerator and freezer, and a microwave.  No dishwasher, but we make do!

The sink in on the right side of the hall and the fridge on the other.  The door to the bathroom is just past the fridge.

Looking down the hall you can see the bedroom at the rear of the trailer.  The bathroom door is to the right and the shower on the left.  There are pocket doors that can be pulled to isolate the bathroom area from the kitchen and back bedroom. That's handy if we have a guest. 

The shower is full size...I can wash  my hair with elbows extended and there's even a bench seat.

How cute is this bathroom?  It's a real porcelain toilet!  There's room to stand and extend your arms with the door closed.
The bedroom is at the rear of the trailer.  It has a queen sized bed and we have windows that go all around the bed.  When we park in a secluded area we can leave the curtains open for a lovely view.

Everything in this trailer is efficient.  No space is wasted.  We have tried hard not to fill it to capacity.  There is a lot of stuff that we just don't need to bring with us when we are on the road.  We enjoy living without all the clutter that seems to fill our regular life.  On the other hand, I know we will relish the personal space when we get home in June.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our little home away from home.


  1. Yes, I did enjoy the tour. It does look like a great home away from home, everything you need. I like that it has a separate dedicated bedroom and a full size bathroom. That Stanley is a handsome one.

  2. So much in such a small space! I love it, Jann, and I know you're enjoying every bit of precious Stanley! :-)

  3. Your trailer is delightful, so spacious and well planned, and airy. My husband and I are retired too and that looks intriguing to travel in.

  4. It is amazing how much 'living space' can be made in what seems from the outside would be rather confined!

  5. Wow whee how lucky and blessed are you and your hubs, you must have great retirements and incomes..Most people cannot buy such a wonderful motor home such as your Stanley, kudos for that, but I have read your blog to know you are retired from an excellent profession and your hubs too and you lived in an area that was low cost of living in Oregon, this is denied to those in Portland the largest city in Oregon..We live across the river in Washington state a lot of residents from Portland come here thinking they will find work, homes and jobs, well rent is the highest in all of Washington with the exception of inner seattle and jobs forgettabout it completely many travel the I-5 and I-205 for a job in Portland they pay the income taxes but get nothing, we have lived here 38 years soon, it has not changed except for crime, hunger and homelessness, we would have never moved here to know it would get to be almost impossible to buy a decent reasaonable home and no living wage jobs..No wonder Bernie Sanders was so applauded and the crowds went wild..he was not talking to the choir, I fractured my right shoulder and I even went to see him and cheer him ON and it rained and he stood outside and greeted people like the gentleman he is and leader too..Too bad the former gov. of Oregon Kitzhauber is trying to get a job, he should have thought of that when he did what he did with his fiancée Sylvia Hayes and all that you know what, Oregon is a nice place to visit but I would never want to live thank you! But do enjoy your many blessings not many people live the way you do and retirement is almost non existant I know I work tirelessly at a food pantry and food place and many are retirees from Oregon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I've never been in an RV or trailer; but it reminds me a lot of living on a boat, which is great as long as you're both the disciplined and organized type.

  7. Wonderful place for living. It looks really constructive and cozy.

  8. How many square feet does Stanley have. With the tiny house trend these days, he looks right in line with those.
    Live and Learn visiting from A-Z Challenge

  9. Very nice and well made also. I'm happy for you.
    Now I have a question.
    Where did you get those comfy looking outside chairs?


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