Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Is Summer Over

Where has summer gone?  At some point I'll upload my photos and report on our adventures.

School started this week in Hermiston.  No, I'm not longing to go back to school.  When I drive by the high school, I am reminded that I am blessed to not have to work.  We went camping instead.  We took the RV and the boat to the John Day River.  We thought that since school had started, the crowds would have thinned out.  Quite the opposite, the campground was filled with giant motor homes flying American flags and sporting satellite TV receivers, our peer group, retired people, were there in force.  But out on the river we rarely saw another boat.  This morning we took the boat up-river to Tumwater Falls.  We were the only people there.  

I didn't take this picture; I forgot my camera.  I copied it from

The rocks are worn smooth from the river.  This time of year there isn't much water coming over the rocks.  The river goes on for miles above the falls, but this is as far as we can go in the boat.  

Heading back to camp we were alone in the beauty of Eastern Oregon.  We saw deer and lots of geese.  An osprey caught a fish in the middle of the river.  I am grateful for the beauty and the solitude.  We are fortunate in Oregon to have these public treasures, and I am blessed to have the time and resources to enjoy them.  It is  good to be retired!

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