Saturday, April 7, 2012

Where Have You Been, Nana?

I have a lot of good excuses for not posting lately.  Well, maybe they're not good excuses, but they are excuses!

My laptop crashed.  The hard drive had been growling for awhile, but all of a sudden it just stopped working at all.  Fortunately I had purchased an external hard drive just the week before and backed up all my files.  Now if only I knew how to "restore" all those files to the new laptop.

The printer died a few days later.  Like the laptop it just stopped turning on.  The blue light on the scanner glows, but everything else is dead.  I added a laser printer to my cart when I bought the laptop.

Buying the technology was the easy part.  I've spent hours getting software loaded and working.  And after crawling behind the desk to find the Internet connections, I had to dig out the vacuum to corral the dust bunnies that had multiplied since we last had to connect any wires.

No sooner was I back up to speed with technology and my oven decided to put on a light show.  My son walked into the kitchen and said, "Ahh, Mom, there are flames in the oven."  It was a spectacular ending to the oven heating element.  Fortunately the weather has been mild and we've been cooking our meals on the grill.  UPS delivered the new part this morning.

Why is that when one thing breaks, it starts a chain reaction.  Like dominoes falling, one after another, my appliances and tools have been breaking.  I guess it's another reminder that I'm not the only one getting older!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Italy.  It's my first trip there.  I am meeting my daughter who will be working in Milan for the next two weeks.  During the week I'll be on my own to see the sights, but on the weekend we've got plans to visit Venice and Verona.   I'm excited and nervous at the same time.   It's too late to learn Italian, but I'm up for the adventure.
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