Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2: B is for Big Sister

B is for Big Sister
I have been a grandmother for seven years.  I don't remember how my daughter told me that she was expecting our first grandchild, but I remember clearly how we found out that our second was on the way.  The first morning of our visit at Thanksgiving Megan, our oldest granddaughter came into the guest bedroom and climbed up on our bed.  After hugs and kisses I finally noticed what she was wearing.  Her T-shirt said "I'm the big sister!"

Being the big sister is a lot of responsibility.  Her little sister, Hunter, worships her.  It is a joy to see how close they are.  They are each others best friend.  When I was visiting a few weeks ago Megan hat a fit about where she wanted to sit in the car.  Her father gave her a brief but intense talk.  In the middle of this discussion I see Hunter's little hand sneak onto Megan's knee and gently pat her for moral support.  Meg doesn't always appreciate her sister's adoration.  At one point during my visit  she told me, "Nana, she just never stops talking.  Sometimes I just want to be quiet by myself."

Last week my daughter posted the following on her Facebook status:
"I guess 5 is the age you decide your sister, the most loved and treasured person in the world to you, is no longer allowed in your room. Complete with "No sister's allowed" signs on the door. I give it 12 hours, tops."

Maybe Megan will finally get that quiet time alone that she's wanted.


  1. I have 2 boys and it is the same thing: the younger one adores the older one, who sometimes just wants to be alone........

    Great post, will be back to read more.


  2. My daughter are 10 years apart (13 and 3)so there is a lot of "tag-alongs" in our house. I hope they are close when they get older.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  3. My sister and I are close because we were close in birth order. I was oldest, and I treated her shabbily when we were kids, but she has forgiven me. I'm thrilled to have a whole month of these, Jann! Yay!

  4. My sister and I are close today, but we are only 18 months apart and fought a lot when growing up - not physically, but arguing. My two sons are totally different personalities. They had their fighting moments - physically and arguing - but also were each other's best go-to person.

  5. Ah, watching grandchildren interact brings so many things to light, and so much understanding of struggles we have all had. Good one!

  6. When my girls were sent to their rooms to think something over they sat in their back to back closets and read books to each other through the wallboard.

  7. My sister and I started out very similar to this only we shared a room so there were times when one or the other would've liked to post a sign but really couldn't. But my sister is one of the most special people to me and we swear sometimes that we share a brain even though we're 3 years apart in age. Love to read stories of sisters who have such a close relationship!

  8. Thank heavens things change frequently.
    Sisters will certainly be welcome again some time soon.


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