Thursday, April 11, 2013

A to Z Challenge: J is For Jokes

J is For Jokes

I can tell stories, but I can't tell jokes.  I don't remember jokes.  You can tell me the same joke every day for a week, and I will laugh every time I hear it...and that's not just because I'm a senior citizen!

Telling jokes is a life skill that I don't have.  Everyone should have at least one good joke, and  I don't have one.  I need a short, easy to remember joke for social situations that require telling a joke. 

Tell me your best joke in the comments. 


  1. A Sgt. in the motor pool answers the phone,

    "Son, I need a jeep in two hours!"

    "Can't help you sir everyone is busy working a car for that Colonel F*ckwad Smathers!"

    "SON...DO you know who you are talking to!!

    "No sir."

    "This is Colonel Smathers!!"

    "Well Colonel...DO YOU know who YOU are talking to!!"


    "Then SO LONG F*ckwad!!" hangs up

  2. I don't have one, either! I think all the jokes in my family are concentrated in one of my sisters. Sorry to let you down...

  3. The old tightwad told his attorney he was taking his money with him; he'd arranged to have it in his casket. At the funeral the attorney didn't see any signs of all the money in the casket. No depth of a false bottom or bulging sides. He sought out the wife and asked where in the casket the money was. "Oh, he has it. I wrote a check; it's in his pocket."

    The only joke I know.

  4. Me too! I have no joke to share,but I do enjoy a new joke anytime of the day.

  5. I think it takes a special person to deliver a joke properly. I tend to remember the high-level overview. Yep, I'm the person who has to hear the whole thing again and then say, yep, I've heard that one! UGH... My youngest is an excellent joke teller. She has her punch line emphasis down. Didn't learn it from me!

  6. You don't need to tell jokes Jann, you keep us smiling and laughing with your entertaining blog posts!
    But here's a silly joke for you:
    When a duck has no money, what does he tell the waiter? Put it on my bill.

  7. I'm the same way about jokes, and so is my best friend. We can sure laugh at them, but we can't tell 'em.
    I retired 8 months ago and am LOVING it . . . and I'm only a few months older than you. So--Boomers, unite! We as Boomers (there's so many of us)should be a strong force in our retirement years. Stopping by from the A-Z and I'm your newest follower.


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