Monday, April 15, 2013

A to Z Challenge: M Is For Marriage Equity

M Is For Marriage Equity

I'm a little late posting today.  I've spent the day finishing up our taxes.  The spouse and I file a joint return, one of the many benefits of being a married couple.  A few years ago when the spouse had a heart attack, I was the person the hospital notified.    We have great medical insurance because we're double covered by both his employer and mine.  Our retirement income is secure because if either of us dies, the remaining spouse will continue to collect the benefits.  For forty-two years I've taken the perks of marriage for granted. 

I have friends in committed long term relationships who can't count on these same benefits.  If their partner is ill, they have no right to be informed of their medical condition.  If their partner dies, they won't collect survivor benefits.  There are a lot of benefits that marriage bestows that I never think about.

I live in a small town in a conservative part of the state.  There are very few openly gay people.  Oh, there are plenty of people who identify as gay, but our area seems to have accepted don't ask, don't tell as a way of life.  When I think about it, I realize how terribly hard it must be to live a lie.  How heart breaking that a gay person doesn't feel safe holding their partner's hand while walking down the street. How unfair it is that a couple can't formalize their relationship legally.

Oregon has not yet legalized same sex marriage.  It's time.


  1. Well said, Nana! Like you, I know people who are in loving, very committed relationships of 35 or more years -- and yet they do not have the legal protections of young heterosexual newlyweds. That needs to change. Gay people are tax-paying citizens. They should have equal protection under the law.

  2. Preach it Nana! I was shocked a few years back when Oregon voted against same sex marriage. I expected that in Texas but Oregon? Why? I still don't understand it.

  3. The times, they are a changing. It won't be long now till most of the states will pass a marriage equality bill. It is the right thing to do. Hopefully, it will be soon, as it is what most people want.

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  5. I am also wondering whether we have reached the tipping point and this will be coming to fruition now. Let's see what the Supremes end up doing about it this summer. Right on, sister! :-)

  6. Washington state one can marry same sex couples, thank God for that, why the big deal, I am married almost 40 years, I would have never lived with my hubby nearly 40 years without any any real true benefits, always have had insurance for health and when I worked I got it just in case for me...We are nearly retired, hubby is I work part time for health benefits just about a non profit at that..When first married in early 1974 I got ill on our honeymoon, the doctor asked if we had health benefits and what they were, only got tests for what I actually needed, I seemed to get well and got a job in colorful Colorado immediately, never been without health benefits almost 40 years of marriage, we did not have phone our preference for one full year when first married, happiest year of our lives, wish we could go back to that, we have a landline and we don't miss a cell or anything..We live in the part of Washington nearest to Oregon, many come to our town to get married, saving many bakeries, floral places and wedding venues their business, I say hip hip hoorah, now if we can get the money from taxing medical marijuana for schools and the poor who are starving here we will be a great great state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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