Thursday, April 23, 2015

A to Z Challenge: T is for Thankful

I'm a believer in counting my blessings.  Every year in November I participate with many other people on Facebook in posting a daily message of gratitude.  The first year I did it I found that focusing on what was right in my life made me a happier person.  Since then I've made a habit of noticing the abundance of goodness in my life. I'm grateful for blessings large and small.  

I allow myself to bask in enjoyment of new socks.  Who knew that new socks could be such a pleasure?  ...and I'm grateful.

Yesterday I drove to the Tri-Cities to visit a friend at the hospital.  On the drive I tuned the satellite radio to the Broadway channel and sang along to the show tunes....with NO commercials!  I'd be a fool to not appreciate this blessing.  Joyful music lifted my spirit and made the drive enjoyable.

Every day I am grateful to be retired and have the ability to choose how I spend my time.  The freedom of choice is a gift that I appreciate every day.

Life is good,  and I am Thankful.


  1. People who are grateful live a much better life than complainers who waste their precious time being miserable.

  2. Thanks for that reminder. I need to do that more often. No, actually every day. It’s a good way to chase away the doldrums.

  3. It sure feels good to think about all we have to be grateful for. You are one of those things for me. :-)

  4. Unfortunately, many of us focus on the things that go wrong and not the things that are right in our lives.

  5. Thankfulness can lift our spirits. I sometimes get my eyes on the wrong thing and don't even see all that I have. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Yes, indeed. Life is good and I am grateful!

  7. In all things, give thanks.

    Over from the A to Z

  8. Embracing Thankfulness Daily :)
    A to Z blogger


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