Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 A to Z Challenge: H is for Home Again

We returned from camping this afternoon.  After four days the spouse starts to think about all the projects that he needs to complete at home.  Today's mission was getting home in time to pick up the parts for his riding lawn mower.  If we didn't get home by 6:00 he'd have to wait until Monday to get the parts and the lawn really needs to be mowed...

Maryhill State Park, Maryhill, Washington

So, we left Maryhill State Park and headed home.  The spouse got his parts picked up and I rejoiced at being re-connected.  I have several days of A to Z postings to catch up on.

I am grateful to have a home to return to.  My awareness of homelessness has increased dramatically after volunteering this winter at the warming station.  

Last week I cleaned up the garage.  I recycled a winter's worth of cardboard and newspapers and then returned soda bottles to the grocery store.  In Oregon, every returned bottle is worth five cents.  I was waiting in line with two large garbage bags filled with bottles and saw Marie at the machine next to the one I was using.   

I said, "Hi, Marie,"  and she looked at me with no recognition.  I stuck out my hand and said, "I'm Jann.  We met at the Warming Center."

"Oh, yes," she says, smiling at me. "How ya doing?" 

It was only later that I realized that she probably thought I was another Warming Center guest.  There but by the grace of God go I.  It's good to be reminded.


  1. We all have our troubles, but when we see others in worse conditions, it reminds us to be grateful for our blessings.

  2. That's an interesting place to volunteer, Jann. I wonder if it's open whenever the weather gets cold, or by certain dates. Good for you to take those battles and cans back to recycle them. :-)


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