Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for How's That Renovation Coming Along?

All this month it's the A to Z Challenge.  Join me every day except Sunday as I work my way through the alphabet.

Today's letter is
For Renovation

Nana,  how's that bathroom renovation going?  
Well, there's a toilet sitting in the middle of my dining room...
We are now in the second month of bathroom renovation.  The spouse spent three days last week in the new shower stall laying tile.  He finished the last three tiles on the floor just this morning.  Tomorrow he will grout.  We tried to contract out this work.  The tile store gave us a long list of contractors.  We called every one.  Two of them called us back.  One of them was six to eight weeks out in having time for a new job.  The other was very fussy about what he would and wouldn't do and he didn't want to do our shower.  So, the spouse started watching tile videos on YouTube and attended a how-to class at Home Depot.  We bought a tile saw...and he's done a pretty good job.  
Yesterday he went to McDonald's and critiqued the tile floor.  We've created a monster!
But, the end is in sight.  Tomorrow I have to go buy a sink and light fixtures.  I can't wait to have our bathroom back, but, other than having the new toilet out of the dining room,  I'm most looking forward to the new toilet paper more spring-loaded gizmo to hold the paper.  Simple pleasures!
Three tiles left to set

The shower is ready to be grouted.  The electrical cord hanging down from the ceiling is not a permanent feature.


  1. It looks like your husband is doing a very good job and that shower stall looks very nice.

    We are having a bathroom renovated soon by my son-in-law who does remodeling for a living. I hate the thought of all the mess that it will be for a few weeks and wish I could go away while it is being done but I can't afford both.

  2. Good for the spouse. We can't get good help around here either.

  3. I am quite impressed. Wow. I can imagine how this project must be getting a bit old. We had our two bathrooms redone back in 2006 by our remodeler. He would string us along and along. Finally he got it done. It was a great job, but I was really over it by the time we had our lives back.


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