Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Mayonnaise

All this month I am participating in the A to Z Challenge.  Today's letter is...

For Mayonnaise     

I don't like mayonnaise.  In grade school when my classmates were pulling baloney sandwiches smothered in mayo from their lunch boxes, I had a peanut butter sandwich, not PBJ, just peanut butter. I like to think I have a discerning palate.  The spouse says I'm a picky eater.

No thank you, I don't want to try oysters, snails, or pickled anything.  The spouse says, "But you haven't tried it, how do you know you don't like it."  I hate it when he says that!  Once he talked me into trying pumpkin pie using that "you've never tried it" line.    I would never order it in a restaurant, but it wasn't awful.  He's never let me forget it.  Now I hear "Remember when you thought you didn't like pumpkin pie, and now you love it."  He 's managed to twist the story into his own version of history.

Some people are adventurous eaters; I'm not.  I don't think that people who eat a wide variety of disgusting things are any better than those of us who are more discerning.  But, I'll never convince the spouse of that!


  1. My kids say the same thing about me. They also think I'm crazy for not trying sushi. Quite frankly, I wouldn't want to like it, even if I DID try it. I'm too frugal for sushi!

  2. I will try many things that I would not have tried before but it has to be my idea and not something that I was pressured into eating. However, squishy, raw fish will never touch my lips.

  3. I love mayonnaise but use the veggie version, reduced fat. It's because it's so darn tasty to my palate I will eat way more of it. I tried an oyster once and didn't like it either. But pumpkin pie? I love it! Wish I'd never tasted it. :-)

  4. I’m picky, picky. My husband is the opposite. We have the same discussion as you and your husband. Mine wants me to try everything. I’ll stick to the basics. I guess I am pretty much of a pain when we go to a restaurant though. I have to know every ingredient in the dish before I’ll order it.

  5. Oh man, we are so on the same page. I am a bit more of an adventurist than I used to be, but dang leave me alone with your food, I am perfectly happy with mine. There are some things I will never eat that yeah I probably would like, but damnit I've gone this far I'm not going to give in. Never had a pickle, a radish or sushi and I'm keeping it that way. I must admit though I never had pizza until I got to college. After a couple of beers I took a chance...Oooh what I had missed!

  6. I often order sides of mashed potatoes and veggies in a restaurant, the balance of the concoctions being so unappealing. About mayo--it's the other half of tomato sammies. Or as my daughter once said, having a little tomato with your mayonnaise, are you.

  7. I came to mayo and avocados way late in my life.
    Some people are just more adventurous.

  8. I don't like mayo either, or any of the other slimy stuff people put on their sandwiches. Ugh. I often see lovely to look at Asian food on blogs that I read, much of it pickled, but it holds no appeal for me at all. I do like dill pickles, but after that, not pickled, please. I am a picky eater too, I guess. it's a problem in restaurants.

  9. I agree! My husband tells me the same thing--I have to try things. I'm not fond of most green veggies and he tells me I should try them, as though I've never eaten broccoli. I've had my fair share, when I was forced to as a child--I just don't like it.

    Visiting you from the A to Z challenge sign-up page. Great to meet you!

    Stephanie Faris, author
    30 Days of No Gossip


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