Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nana Remembers a Lesson Learned

I posted last week about trivial irritations. Once I started focusing on the things that irritated me it was difficult to stop. All day after I posted I found myself getting irritated and thinking “Oh, I should have put that on the list.”

Readers posted comments of the things that irritated them. Uncle Skip suggested the car on the freeway with the turn signal flashing…for miles…and miles…and miles… Mrs. Midnite reminded me of bus riders who don’t give seats up for other riders who obviously need them. Yeah, that definitely should go on the list. Jules warned me to avoid Kentucky where spitting is a birthright and I got irritated all over again.   I said to myself “Oh, they’re right that irritates me too.”

I was wallowing in irritation.

Then I remembered the quote over on my other blog:

"What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life." – Oprah
Oprah’s a smart woman. If goodness expands if you focus on goodness, the opposite is probably also true. The more I focused on irritations, the more irritations entered my life.

Life is too short to allow the irritations to get to me.  June reminded me that it’s self defeating to count my irritants.   June and Oprah, you are both very wise women and I thank the universe for sending you to remind me.

It’s not like I didn’t know…but, like most lessons in life, sometimes I need to be reminded of what I already know. Once again the universe is sending me messages and reminding me to pay attention.

Lesson learned, or maybe that should be lesson remembered.   I made a list of my blessings and posted them over on my other blog. Click here to read it.


  1. Okay, thanks for saying I'm a wise woman. Would that I were as wise as Oprah.
    Remind me of that particular piece of wisdom next time I need it, will you?

  2. Both are true.

    Thinking good leads to good.

    Reflecting on the bad or irritating breeds more of the same.

    The Good thing is if we are paying attention we learn from that lesson.
    The Bad is we (as a whole) tend to overlook the lesson.

    I am glad you are not part of the "whole" and saw the self lesson for what it was.

    hope you have a great weekend
    and I will do my best to stay off the WOMB's list of reported violators. :)


  3. The only thing that really irritates me is being blown at by a breeze or a fan. I don't know why it upsets me, but it does. I hate windy weather for the same reason. Anyway, sorry to add another irritation, rather than a nice positive comment about how we shouldn't get irritated ....!

  4. Thanks for reminding me to pay attention to what really matters too. I notice that things get to me so much more when I'm inside. Now that the weather is nicer, I try to get out when I'm a bit overwhelmed by the housework or my rambunctious kids. Once I'm outside, I usually feel a whole lot better. Great post and thanks again.


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