Monday, June 21, 2010

Trivial Irritations

Uncle Skip over at Rants and Musings has the following quote posted on his blog:

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves."

~ C.G. Jung

Which got me to thinking about all of the really trivial things that irritate me.  Here's a short list in no particular order:
  1. Getting mayonnaise or pickles on my hamburger when I specifically ordered "plain, with nothing on it."
  2. Drivers going 30 in a 45 zone...or actually anyone going too slow when faster is allowed.
  3. Speeding in a school zone.
  4. People with 15 items in the 10 item or less speed checkout.  Yes, I'll even let you count those three cans of soup as one soup item but a head of lettuce, three tomatoes, and a sack of potatoes doesn't count as one vegetable!
  5. Waiting until you get to the front of a long line before thinking about what you might want to order.
  6. Waiting until the checker has finished scanning and bagging your order before you start to search in your over-stuffed purse for a checkbook and a pen.  Yes, I know the total doesn't come up until the end, but you could fill in the date and store name and sign the @#$% check!
  7. Clipping your nails in a public place...gross!
  8. Using racial, ethnic, or homophobic slurs.  I guess this one doesn't really qualify as trivial.
  9. The Tea Party movement...those people scare me!
  10. Small print.  Why have a business card if you're printing your email and phone number in script so small that I need my glasses to read it?  Yes, your logo is lovely, but I'd rather you use the space to make the type LARGER!
  11. People who spit on the ground.  I don't care if it's the sidewalk, a parking lot or a dirt field.  Other people will walk there, some with bare feet and it's gross.
  12. People who "exercise" their dogs on school playgrounds.  Some of them even fail to pick  up after their pooches.  Our elementary schools have beautiful grass playgrounds.  Small children roll in the grass.  I hate to think of their little faces buried in the ground where a dog just whizzed.
  13. The self-righteous attitude of the religious right.  It's okay with me that you practice any odd rituals that you please, but please stop condemning to hell those who do it differently.
  14. Gossip...okay, maybe I have a love/hate relationship with this one!
  15. Slow Internet...Salt Lake City Airport has signs all over extolling their free Internet access, but the connection is so slow and inconsistent that I gave up trying to update my blog. 
Oh dear, once I started this list I was on a roll.  I could have gone on and on.  So what does it say about me?  For the most part these are trivial irritations and I refuse to waste my time fretting about them.

I hate to admit that I see a pattern.  I'm impatient and want every process to work efficiently, from supermarket checkout to ordering fast food, and to my Internet connection.  I want people to be considerate of others, not just themselves, and respect our differences.

I also know that I probably have a blind spot in assessing myself...self-awareness is probably not one of my strengths!

Thanks Uncle Skip for providing me the inspiration for this post.  He really has the best quotes over on his blog.

What really irritates you about others? 

 But wait, there's about loud music interrupting the peace and quiet of a beautiful day at the park, or people who go on, and on, and on...


  1. Things that really irritate me. I don't know if I dare start I might never stop. Going to start with:
    1) Bad customer service
    2) People who drive too close
    3) People who don't pick up after their dogs
    4) Students who don't give up their seats on the bus. Last time I took the bus to work (never a university) a really pregnant woman got on and not one student moved, she got my seat but I was a good five rows back.

  2. Oh Nana, don't come to Kentucky spitting is a right of birth here and I agree it is gross.

    Thing that irritates me most:
    People who assume.
    I'd like to pick up the dog poo from item #12 and throw it at them.

    Good post.

  3. As you know, #2 is currently a pet peeve of mine, too.
    And, as you know, counting one's irritations leads to more and more; it's a tempting pursuit, but ultimately self-defeating.

  4. Thanks for for the props.
    My pet peeve is folks who will ask for information, then make it obvious that they doubt what you have told them.

  5. Nana, don't get me started! I'm a grumpy enough old man as it is - but so often it is the trivial things that annoy the most.

  6. I thought of two more:
    - the car on the freeway with the turn signal blinking and blinking and blinking.
    - the clown on the side street who turns in front of me such that I have to jam on the brakes.

  7. I'm too tired right now to think about what irritates me, but your comments on the checkout line made me laugh. I swear, I am sure that in a past life, I must have tried to go through a lot of express lanes with too many items. Any grocery line I stand in is a line with an issue! Once, when the man behind me asked rhetorically, "Why isn't this line moving?" I turned and said to him, "Because I'm in it!"

  8. I realized after i wrote this post just how dangerous it is to wallow in irritations...all day long I found things that irritated me and I thought "Oh, I should have added that to the list."

    Mrs. M...I really agree with the bus manners. Here in rural eastern Oregon we don't have public transportation so I had completely forgotten about that one.

    jules...Yep, I'm adding assumptions toi my list.

    June...You are so right. I had to start listing the simple pleasures to change my thinking.

    Uncle Skip....Ahhhh, I hate the flashing light!'s the trivial things that I need to learn to overlook.

    Katie...I have that same power to slow down any line that I'm in.


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