Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post-Christmas Clutter

Standing in line at the grocery store I noticed that most of the magazines this month are featuring articles on clearing out clutter and organizing. Aren't we supposed to wait for spring for that burst of energy to clean out our houses? My house is suffering from post-Christmas clutter. There are still several storage boxes of Christmas decorations stacked in the dining room waiting to make their way out to the garage. I probably would have moved them if there was any floor space left in the garage.

I am not yet a member of the garage as storage facility set. I'm still wedging my car in among the stacks, but everytime I have to squeeze between the boxes to the back door I think, "I've got to get this stuff cleaned out." The reality is that it's too cold to clean in January. My garage is filled with bottles, cans and newspaper that need to be recycled...but our grocery store punishes us by having the can recycling outside in the cold. I can't get pumped up to spend time in sub-freezing weather with all the professional can collectors at the Safeway recycling station.

This morning I straightened up the piles and crushed the cardboard boxes in the garage. All the recycling is now located in one huge mountain of carboard and newspaper. Maybe the sun will come out next week and I'll brave the recycling center?

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