Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blog Slogging

I did a lot of slogging through blogs this afternoon looking for something interesting to read. There’s a lot of pain, misery, suffering, infertility, cutesy crafts, and Jesus loving blogs out there. It’s a little intimidating…I don’t want to add to the crap pile. If I’m like the average reader, and God knows I’m average, I don’t read past the first post unless the writing intrigues me. I’m feeling the pressure to produce some quality writing….hummmm, I’m not doing too well so far.

I “next blogged” through a whole bunch of happy family blogs. It’s kind of creepy reading intimate details of stranger families. I read the pleas for prayers for “angel babies” and relatives suffering with cancer. There were pages of beautiful babies celebrating every milestone in their first years…I noticed that once they get to the toddler stage the postings aren’t quite as frequent. I feel like I’ve been peeking through the windows at strangers…and this is legal?

If I read about Jesus in the first 25 words I “next blogged” on to something new. It’s not Sunday and I wasn’t ready for a sermon.

I’m still learning the customs and mores of the blog world. I’ve posted a few comments on the blogs I visited. I know that I have enjoyed the few comments that I have received on my blog. I’m never sure if my comments are appropriate. I appreciated when a reader pointed out that I was using a cliché in one of my posts. (Note to self, try to limit the @#$%^ clichés) His comment will help improve my writing. I find myself wanting to point out to a blogger that he should be using “you’re” not “your” or varying his adjectives…but I wonder if these helpful suggestions (from my perspective) would be interpreted as mean criticism. I am a stranger in a foreign land…and darn that’s another cliché.

It’s surprising to me that this blog world has existed for some time and I was oblivious to it until just a few months ago. What else it out there? I think I must lead a sheltered life…and now I’ve opened the curtains and the blog world is peeking in my windows. Creepy, huh?


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  2. Hi #1Nana!

    I can't seem to get my posting of comments down today. I made a mistake on my previous comment and thought I could just correct it, but it shows up as a removal!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog Retired English Teacher at It is great to know there are others reading my blog. Your encouragement meant a lot to me.

    I love the title of your blog! Also, this entry on slogging is great. I agree with all of your insights into the blogs that you visited.

    Here's to our new venture into the world of blogging! I have added you to the list of blogs that I am following on my blog. Hope to hear from you again soon

  3. Slogging through blogs can be hard work. Retirees are not supposed to work hard. You might enjoy a visit to my Blogger's Cafe, where I list all manner of blogs and do the occasional review. You're bound to cut your blog slogging to a minimum.



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