Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Slap in the Face of Reality

WTF Wednesday is a semi-regular feature of this blog. It documents the things that have made me pause, slap my forehead and say, "What the f**k!"  Well, that and I just like saying WTF. I'm retired. I don't have to watch what I say anymore. I'm not any one's role model.

After being gone from home for two months, there was a lot of yard work to catch up on.  The day after cleaning up the flower beds in the front of the house I woke up with an aching shoulder.  The spouse was also groaning about various aches and pains.  We laughed about being old people and laughed again that there is little we can do now that doesn't create some sort of soreness.

A week later I was still experiencing pain that seemed to move around my shoulder and up and down my right arm.  My sleep was broken by pain.  I was cranky and worn down.  I finally called the doctor.  I couldn't get in to see my regular doctor, but they squeezed me in to see the Physician's Assistant.  She determined that I has strained my trapezius muscle and gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxant.  She warned me not to drive or exceed the dosage.  I headed right to the pharmacy.

The pharmacist tells me that the medication isn't covered by medicare.  I was in pain.

"I don't care," I told him, "I want it anyway!"

"They've determined that this medication is dangerous for the elderly." he tells me.

What the f**k????  Elderly?  Me????  I was stunned.

"This medication can contribute to falls." he says.  "Be careful."

Great, next thing you know I'll be ordering one of those "I've fallen and can't get up panic buttons."

Earlier in the week I had to go to Walmart and I notice that they have special parking places for senior citizens.  I haven't parked there, but now that I'm officially elderly, maybe I will.  


  1. Hope the shoulder heals quickly without any falls!

  2. Thanks for the warning ... I'm steering clear of the garden! And, good luck with that shoulder. Be careful.

  3. I've seen those signs, too. Take care of the shoulder, you need to get back out with Stanley.

  4. I too hope that trapezius muscle heals up without you falling and being unable to get up! :-)

  5. Oh, take that parking place and feel proud. Think about it as a prize for leading a healthy enough life and outliving those who didn't.

  6. I have been thinking about "being elderly" this week also. Went to my Oncologist's appt this week and to be honest WTF was what I was thinking when they told me my Oncologist of 16 years was no longer there. But I was seen by another and we discussed medical issues vs age-related issues. Sometimes I want to put it all off to old age. Hope your shoulder is on the mend!

  7. Accept only the part of being old that comes with perks. Like parking. And senior discounts.

  8. Ha ha! Yes, my aha moment was when I walked into a post office years ago with my hat pulled well down against the winter cold and the assistant looked at me and said 'What do we want today dear?' in that tone of voice one uses with the elderly and less competent. Hope the shoulder feels better soon.

  9. I hope your shoulder has healed by now? I just popped over to your blog from D-Janity's blog to say hi! The name of your blog got my attention and I couldn't resist a visit. I love WTF Wednesday's as I often am proclaiming, "WTF"! I agree with the comment by Linda Reeder, only accept the part of senior that comes with perks!!! I turned 60 in 2014 and am still feeling like someone slapped me upside the head...! How did this happen? Me, I can't be... you know... old! Well, they, whoever the heck "they" are, say that 60 today is the new 40 so I will go with that! Wish my body would get on board to that thought!
    Hugs for now from a new follower,
    (sixty-one and counting)

  10. Getting old is not for the faint of heart! Hope you are healing up.

  11. That's like when you're in a grocery store on old people day and they give you the discount without asking. Might as well enjoy the perks, such as they are. :-)

  12. When I was in Greece last week I was called "grandmother" by two people. With voices of respect. Nice way to do elderly!


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