Thursday, October 29, 2015

WTF Wednesday: Nana Makes a Guess

WTF Wednesday is a semi-regular feature of this blog. It documents the things that have made me pause, slap my forehead and say, "What the f**k!"  Well, that and I just like saying WTF. I'm retired. I don't have to watch what I say anymore. I'm not any one's role model.

Last week the spouse and I took a break from our grueling life of retirement and headed to the coast.  It was the maiden voyage for our new trailer, Stanley.  

Here's Stanley enjoying the woods...

The great thing about a trailer is that you can leave it in camp and go explore.  Okay, we didn't do a lot of exploring but we did dig through the treasures at Aurora Architectural Salvage,

and watch for whales,  (we spotted two rolling in the surf just off shore), and visited breweries.  

We had lunch at Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon and that's where I found myself slapping my forehead and muttering "What the f#%k?"  

I had no trouble finding the restrooms.  There was a sign

with doors on either side....

What the f#%k?  Which one would you choose?  I made a wild guess and bolted into "barley."  Whew!  There were no urinals and there were little containers bolted inside the cubicles for sanitary disposal.  I think I made the right choice.  I still have no idea why females are barley and males are hops.


  1. I guess there must be some logical reason for it but at least a picture might help avoid any mishaps! lol

  2. That's pretty funny, all right. Stanley is nothing short of gorgeous! :-)

  3. I would have held it and then headed for the gas station.

  4. Stanley looks so contented. I love architectural salvage places! I would have shut the door on my mistake and opened door number two.

  5. I love how sleek Stanley is! What a guy!! How funny about the restroom signs- perfect fit for WTF Wednesday, I'd say!

  6. I love how sleek Stanley is! What a guy!! How funny about the restroom signs- perfect fit for WTF Wednesday, I'd say!

  7. I would not know which to choose, either. Stanley looks quite capacious. Glad you are all getting around.

  8. Stanley is incredibly handsome and I'm sure you'll have a lot of good times together! That restroom was a glad you guessed right the first time!

  9. Barley and hops do not connote gender identity to me either. Anyone else figure it out?

  10. You've got me on this one. Couldn't they at least have put up a picture?????

    Stanley certainly is beautiful.

  11. I've been AWOL for quite a while and had no idea! Stanley is one handsome and shiny fellow.
    Congrats on the purchase! Hops and barley, who knew?


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