Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WTF Wednesday: Yard Sales

WTF Wednesday is a semi-regular feature of this blog. It documents the things that have made me pause, slap my forehead and say "What the f**k!" Well, that and I just like saying WTF. I'm retired. I don't have to watch what I say anymore. I'm not any one's role model.

Yard sale season starts in Hermiston about the same time that gardeners decide that the danger of frost has passed.  In late April telephone poles sprouted neon colored yard sale signs and Pampers boxes with directional arrows  began appearing on street corners.  Last weekend there were more than a dozen sales listed in the Nickel Ads and I spent Friday morning searching for items on the list for Nana Camp. 

Nana Camp is the highlight of our summer.  Our granddaughters come from Texas to stay with us and we indulge their every whim.  We camp, we fish, we garden, we cook, we schlep them to swimming lessons...we spoil them rotten.  We love it.

This year they put in a request for scooters.  So Nana has been trooping through the yard sale offerings on the look out for scooters, and for bikes, a play kitchen, art supplies...and anything that looks like it might be fun.  Yes, I could just head to Walmart and pick up everything on the list, but where's the challenge in that option?

Last weekend I finally scored.  I found two razor scooters for $5.00 each, and at a sale down the road I found a vintage red scooter for $2.00 that the spouse suggested Nana could use to scoot up the driveway to get the mail.

There are a few things on the list that I am still searching for, so I will head out exploring once again this weekend.

You never know what you will find.  I didn't know Nana Camp needed a plasma ball until I found one for $2.00.

Then there's the stuff that makes you slap your forehead and say "WTF?"

This is what I found at a yard sale last weekend:

No, I didn't buy it!!!


  1. Hey there!
    I have a thing about hand tools and always having spare parts around. So i try to stay away from yard/garage sales. Two bucks for that plasma ball? I paid about $20 for one just to take some photos it while it was on. Now I don't know where the ball or photos are! Good find on the scooters!

  2. Lucky, Lucky Grandchildren to have such a clever and imaginative Nana!

  3. I can't believe you didn't have a plasma ball!! I mean WTF!!

  4. Oh those grands are going to have a blast with their 'new' plasma ball. My grands will be jealous. Its amazing what one can find at garage sales, those hard to find items that you can't live without!!!

  5. You didn't buy that enema? Guess you're not old enough to realize its value! (chuckle) Neither am I! :-)

  6. You've given me a reason to go to yard sales!

  7. You never know. Someone may really need that enema kit.

  8. Lol! I can't believe you didn't buy the enema kit! :P What a fun time for you and your grandkids. I adore garage sales and find some pretty spectacular things from time to time, but it seems as time goes on there is more trash and less treasure.

  9. But I bet someone did buy that regardless of how sketchy it is to sell that at a yard sale. Haven't been to one in years, you got some great scores for the kidos!

  10. I bet the grandchildren love nana camp as much as you do. It sounds wonderful.
    Can I come? I’d love a scooter.

  11. You crack me up. I love the idea of buying these used toys for the grandkids at yard sales. I know I searched and searched for a tricycle when my grands were small. I finally found one at a garage sale. Have fun with the kiddos.

  12. What an absolute treat to find a WTF story here, and then to see what it was at the end. I suppose some people figure they should get a return on every purchase. I'm guessing that item was left over from a colonoscopy prep. Okay, weird, I know, that I'm even trying to figure out why it was there. I'm so envious of your grandkids and of you getting to have them to spoil. Have a great summer and don't forget to share stories as they occur.


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