Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still Learning in Elementary School

One of the benefits of being a grandmother is the opportunity to spend time in elementary school.  Last Tuesday I had lunch at Pond Springs Elementary School with each of my granddaughters.  I say each because they have lunch at different times and they insisted that I eat with each of them.  It is no easy task for a senior to climb into the middle of those hard bench seats.

I sat across the table from my kindergartner and her classmates all around us kept up a constant chatter of questions and reminders of the many school rules.  I almost humiliated them by getting out of my seat to throw away trash.

"You can't do that," a small voice insisted urgently, "you have to wait until they tell us!"

I even talked during "red star time" and three little faces turned to me, with fingers held to lips and in unison said "shhhh!"

The boy sitting next to me enthusiastically enjoyed blue jello as his first course, opening his mouth wide to show me.

"Look, I'm eating brains!"

He saved his banana for last and couldn't get it open.  He held it out to Ms. Vo, a student intern, for help.

"Do you know how to open a banana like the monkeys do?" she asked him.  She showed him the two ends of the banana and then turned it upside down and squeezed the round end.  She easily pulled down the peel.

"Not that way!" he screamed.  "I don't want it that way."

Ms. Vo calmly told him it was too late.

"It doesn't taste good that way," he insisted...and then he ate the banana.

I was amaze at how much easier it is to open a banana from the non-traditional end.  I guess you're never too old to learn something new in elementary school.

I found the video on You Tube...Enjoy!


  1. Just proves we're never too old to learn.

  2. What? You thought you could take care of the trash without permission?

    How did you manage to get in and out of the little chairs?

  3. I've heard about peeling bananas this way before, but never seem to remember to try it. Duh for me.

    I can't see much of their faces, but they sure do have beautiful blonde hair!

  4. How cute . . . I'm going to try that banana thing, right now!

  5. I didn't know that about bananas. The video was very instructive. But I enjoyed the picture of the little girls with the cute pink backpacks. Can I have one like that, Nana? :-)

  6. Holy cow!! That banana trick is da bomb!!

    And really? Your post made me smile as I pictured you there with all those little chatterboxes and those little girls shushing you!

    Seriously, this TOTALLY cheered me up today!


  7. Dear Jann, thanks for the video and the story about how to open a banana. It's wonderful to know that as I'm aging there's still so much to learn! Thanks for branching my dendrites!

    And thanks, also, for this wonderful sketch of eating lunch with kindergarteners. They are just delightful and you captured their innocence in just a few words of dialogue. Those pink backpacks made me think that I need to get with it and pack on my back also! Peace.

  8. Well, who knew about the banana thing! Cool. Red star time, perhaps something we could all use now and then. :)

  9. What's that old cliche? You learn something new every day.

    I've heard that about bananas & also that the little stringy bits don't attach to the fruit as much when opening from the other end. Seem to always forget about it when I have a banana in hand though!

  10. Mind blown! How have I made it 42 years without knowing how to open a banana like a monkey? Thanks for sharing.


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