Saturday, August 25, 2012

But They Look So Cute in Those Dresses

Megan and Hunter at Hat Rock Park, July 2012

I miss my grandchildren.  Last weekend I called to chat with them and to find out if they received the box I sent them.  Hunter’s first question was “When are you coming, Nana?”   This year they will both be in school full-time and that makes it harder to find a good time to visit.  My schedule is wide open, but theirs isn’t.  I’m missing the care-free, unscheduled days of summer already!

I over compensate for not visiting them by shopping for them.  I love buying their frilly dresses and sparkly shoes.  When they were visiting in July we shopped for school shoes.  When I took them home my daughter commented that there was something wrong when her five year old had more shoes than she did.  That comment is not quite the truth.  My daughter also inherited the shoe shopping gene and has her own extensive collection of footwear.

When the first granddaughter was born, I promised my daughter that I wouldn’t be the grandmother who showered the grandchild with tacky gifts.  I opened a 525 account to save for college and I make small monthly contributions.  That, I told my daughter, was how I was going to spend money on the grandchild.

Over the years my resolve has weakened.  I still contribute to the 525 accounts, but I also enjoy shopping for their school clothes, and buying books, and ….well, buying just about anything that I think they will like. 

The grandchildren are responsible for putting their clean laundry away.  The laundry room is on the first floor and their bedrooms on the second.  They each have a small laundry basket that they use to carry the clean, folded laundry upstairs.  Last weekend Hunter was coming down the stairs with her empty basket when her mother told her that there was another load of laundry that needed to go to her room.  Hunter sighed and said “Again?  Tell Nana to stop buying us clothes!”

SIGH!  Out of the mouths of babes…



  1. We know just what you mean! We also resolved not buy toys and things like that for our grand kids, because they get plenty from their parents and everybody else. We started buying them savings bonds for their birthdays and Christmas. Our resolve has softened also. We still buy the bonds, but now we ALSO buy the other stuff too!

  2. Oh too cute, out of the mouths of babes!!!

  3. Not having any grandchildren, I guess it's lucky I didn't inherit the shopping gene. My sister and I commented just the other day how it had skipped us. Other than bookstores, that is...

  4. Oh how cute. I understand that whole thing about loving clothes but hating to take care of them. Your granddaughters are precious. Buy them all the cute little dresses and shoes you can. They grow up too fast and soon they won't want those darling outfits.

  5. Enjoy this time, it passes all too quickly. It quickly gets more expensive & more complicated as the develop & begin expressing their opinions.

  6. Oh!!!!!!!!
    You have earned your new role, enjoy it!

  7. Love love LOVE this! And I'm right there with you.

  8. Nanas are allowed to spoil the grandkids. It's a well-known fact.

  9. So funny. I'll bet they'd be so sad if you did stop shopping for them.


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