Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 Things Nana Likes Right Now

1.        West Side Story:  playing now at Keller Auditorium in Portland.  Crisp, clear voices and wonderful dancers.  This is an excellent production.  My only regret is that there isn’t a sing-a-long performance.  I couldn’t dance-along, but I sure know all the words to “I Feel Pretty.”  If you get a chance to see this, don’t miss it.   Today is the last day in Portland, but it will open in Seattle on the 10th.

2.       Domino’s Stuffed Cheesy Bread:  After the 200 mile drive home from West Side Story I needed dinner and Domino’s was on the way home.  The cheesy bread is all the best parts of pizza without the sauce and toppings.  Bread and cheese…what’s not to love?   I heated up the leftovers for breakfast!

3.       My new down comforter:  You know I can’t resist those 50% off the sale price deals at Macy’s.  I bought a Ralph Lauren king sized down comforter for less than $70.00.  Now we have two down comforters on our bed.  Have you noticed that a king size comforter  fits great on the bed when there’s no one in the bed?  Once two people are in bed,  the comforter isn’t large enough to hang over both sides of the bed.  It was usually my butt that was hanging out in the freezing night air!  Now we’ve got two over-lapping comforters and Nana has a warm butt.  Believe me, life is better for everyone when Nana has a warm butt!

4.       Christmas is over:  I went to the mall to get a haircut last week and I could easily stroll through the stores.  The crowds are gone.  The spouse is back at work and I get the house to myself for a few hours a day.  I enjoy Christmas, but I think I enjoy the after-Christmas lull even more.

5.       Grandchildren:  You had to know that I couldn’t possibly write a list of favorite things without including my grandchildren.  I called them from Portland while I was shopping to find out what I was authorized to buy for them.  As much as I love shopping for them, I always check in with their mother to find out what they need.  Nana got the okay to buy leggings and “bootiful jammies.”  On the phone the first question my granddaughter asked me was “When are you coming, Nana?”    It’s nice to be wanted!


  1. I love and also enjoy the five things you like, with the exception of the grandchildren, not because I don't like them but because we're still waiting for them. You are lucky to have these young people in your life. It must feel great to be wanted....

  2. Makes you wonder why you didn't think of a separate comforter long ago!

  3. Do you think a trip to Iceland sounds like fun?

  4. I LOVE West Side Story. It was in Denver, but I didn't get up to see it. I indulged in showing parts of it every year when I taught ninth grade English when we studied Romeo and Juliet. The kids humored me as I gushed on about how I loved it.

    I agree with you about the down comforters! They just never fit right. Glad you now have a covered butt. I thought we no longer would have to worry about having CYA after we retired. :)

  5. What a nice list of 'likes.' I would say you are a happy person in life.

  6. What a great list! West Side Story is definitely one of my all time favorites. Sadly, we're right across the bridge and didn't get tickets!

    I'm with you on enjoying "after" Christmas. I do love Christmas, but I hate the mall the month before. (I don't particularly love it any time, but it's infinitely better after Christmas!)

    And what is it with those darn king size comforters? I don't know why they have to be so skimpy. That's irritating, but at least you found a solution!

  7. I can echo all of these, just in my own Amber kind of way.

    1. Little Shop of Horrors - excellent play that they are playing right now in my town (I have been twice!)
    2. Little Ceasars pepperoni pizza - it is hot and fresh for $5 and ready all day long at the drive thru!
    3. My down comforter - you are so right!
    4. Christmas is over - again, how right you are.
    5. Nieces nephews - I am in no short supply and they all assure me I am the "cool aunt".

  8. How sweet! I know what you mean about butts hanging out. We fixed that problem in our own bed, too. And I too am enjoying the stores without all the crowds...

  9. West Side Story is my favourite musical. But drive 200 miles to see it? You must be nuts! (In the nicest possible way, of course.)

  10. In the UK a 'king size' bed is a 'queen' in the US. What the US calls 'King' is in the UK a 'Super King'! We have a US 'Queen'. At the sales this year my husband saw a 'Super King' duvet reduced from 120 pounds sterling to 36 pounds sterling and bought it quick! It overlaps both sides of the bed very nicely and should solve the 'cold butt' problem that one or the other of us routinely suffers!

    And how I do long to see my 3 grandchildren again -- now far away in Korea for the forseeable future -- it's been almost 3 years and I hope that maybe this year it will be possible to hug them all in person again ...

    Pizza after the theater -- perfect!

    After Christmas lull = Peace on Earth!!!

    Nothing like a well-produced musical in the theater for making you feel wonderful...

  11. Its nice to hear that most people have scattered away from shopping centers, they're all home staring in wonder at their credit card statements no doubt! Sounds like you're recharging with some art, culture & tasty treats after a great holiday season.

  12. I like your grandchildren, too! And mine. Aren't they lovely?

    If Nana's butt ain't happy, nobody's happy ;-)

  13. I'm with you! Here's my similar list:

    1. Books on my iPad.
    2. A delicious cod my brother-in-law cooked for us on the weekend.
    3. My flannel sheets
    4. Christmas is over
    5. Grandchildren


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