Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nana Crosses State Lines on an RV Adventure

We have been members of the RV community for just a few weeks and are still trying to figure out how to fit in.  We seem to be in the correct age range, but we don't have a small yappy dog.  The spouse is sporting shorts and wearing socks with his sandals which passes for native dress in an RV park.  I think we're going to fit in with this crowd.

Since purchasing the RV we have been attending garage sales to find the essential RV lifestyle  items.  I was thrilled to find a small electric coffee pot for only $2.00, but still have had no luck finding a few sets of unbreakable dishes that can also go in the microwave.  We may not have dishes, but I do have a string of fish lights to hang on the awning.  

Last weekend we thought we had sufficiently provisioned the RV to go on a shake down trip.  We loaded up with food and beverages, made the beds, and filled the storage compartments with everything we thought we would need.  At the last minute we remembered to get a pad of sticky notes and a pen to keep notes of all the forgotten items.  We probably used that pad more than any other item on the trip.

We headed across the river to Washington state and learned our first lesson in RVing:  make a reservation!  The park at Plymouth was full, as was the next park 20 miles to the west.  At that point we headed back to Oregon and decided we would just camp at Umatilla, a mere 5 miles from home.  Unfortunately, Umatilla was celebrating Umatilla Landing Days and not only was the RV park full, but we got to practice driving our RV among hundreds of cars parked askew and wandering crowds of people looking for the festivities.  We ended up spending the night at the RV park at Hat Rock.

Sunday morning Paul got up and made coffee and then said to me "I hate to ask, but did you pack coffee cups?" We added coffee cups to the list of things we needed, along with a fly swatter and bug repellent.

This weekend we learned how to make a reservation on-line and we purchased an America the Beautiful Senior pass that gives us 50% off the park fees.  We stayed at Plymouth Park, just across the river in Washington state. 

We are starting to get familiar with how everything works in the RV, although I'm still a little frightened of the toilet flushing!  This morning I took my first RV shower, which reminded me of my showering experiences in England...a tiny little bathroom, odd plumbing, and low water pressure. 

I drove the RV for the first time...only a few feet in the RV park, but it's a start.  I think I'm going to like our little house on wheels. 


  1. How wonderful! It's working... I laughed to think of a coffee pot but no cups for the coffee. Shakedown worked, I'd say!

  2. Sounds like many adventures are ahead of you. What fun!

  3. If you find another beauty like the one you found--let me know! We are looking and I am ready to DRAG my husband into an RV:>) Love the shake downs --- look for some Corelle ware for the the cupboards!

  4. I remember our motorhome days. Fun! I learned to swivel which made it all easier.

  5. You crack me up! Your new adventures are going to be so fun to read about. I just know it. Have fun.

  6. Still laughing at your using sticky notes more than anything else. What a grand adventure you're off on. I can hardly wait for the stories to start rolling in. Is there a yappy dog in your future?

  7. Hooray! This is definitely something that Matt and I are itching to do when we get older (read: have managed to save enough money to not only buy but operate an RV!). My Step dad & step-mil have an RV and I had to chuckle at the part where you were about to stay 5 miles from home, that's generally as far as they get but its by choice. There's just something about being in the thing that makes you seem far away even if you aren't (and if you forget stuff like coffee mugs you can just shoot home for them :-)

    Oh & on dishes? Corell (Correl, Correll????) is virtually indestructable and I'd highly recommend if you can find it.

    Have fun out on the open road!

  8. Okay, I'm going to expect regular updates and be watching closely. Friends and family would say that RV'ing is the least likely thing that I would ever do, but they haven't factored in the cost of flying to and from the opposite coast to visit my grandchildren and the costs of motels while we're there. Long, unrelieved car trips are out due to age and aches, but a slow RV trip there and back, plus a place to stay that goes with us might do the trick.

    Your machine is a beaut, by the way!

  9. Hmmm, have you emptied the bilge yet, that could be the trial by fire. I have a string of chili pepper lights I could send you. You'll need them when you make it to TX.... ;}

  10. Why did you stop posting?

  11. I laughed at Entre Nous' comment because I'm a Texan and because those darn pepper lights are our pet peeve! They (and other types of lighting) are fine, but turn them off when you go to bed. Some of us like to see the stars.

    Isn't the America the Beautiful pass just the greatest bargain in the world? We just stayed in a campground for $8 a night. We're tent campers, not RVers, but still!

  12. That is so funny! We learned the same way. Our first trip we didn't even remember to take a single blanket or pillow. the list was so long. Now that we are old hands at RV'ing we usually only forget 3 or 4 items each trip. My initial intent was to try and keep the RV light, now my intent is to carry everything I might possibly need. No matter how heavy...


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