Monday, January 31, 2011

Nana Ponders the Open Road

We’re thinking about buying a motor home. We’ve been to the RV show and been overwhelmed by the choices and appalled by the prices. We’ve searched Craig’s List and toured the RV lots in the big city. Part of the challenge is that we’re not sure what we want. We’re not even sure that we will like RVing.

The spouse wants something small that can pull his fishing boat. He envisions being able to spend the night at his favorite fishing spot and beating the morning rush. While others have to get up in the dark to drive to the river, he will be enjoying his fresh brewed coffee at the launching ramp. I don’t mind going fishing, I just don’t like to fish. I like camping…as long as I can be warm and comfortable. My old bones don’t respond kindly to sleeping on the ground in a tent. I need a real bed, preferably with a down comforter and feather pillows. While the spouse is off trying to land the big one, I will sleep late, enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then walk the trails along the river or sit under a tree and read.

Our current thinking is to find a small used motor home and see if we even like RVing. We’re searching for that jewel that has low miles, is in good condition, and doesn’t smell like a pack of wet dogs. So far we’ve looked at a lot of fixer-uppers, but we’re not interested in buying someone else’s problem. Several times we’ve had appointments to view a motor home that was then sold before we could see it. The spouse is sure that those were the perfect RV’s and we just weren’t fast enough. Hope spring eternal…we’ve got an appointment to view another one on Wednesday.  This one has relatively low miles and is stored under cover.  The owner didn't mention any unusual odors, so we have our fingers crossed.

My fantasy is to take an extended road trip and visit the national parks. Finding our starter motor home is a first step. If we can tolerate each other in close quarters at our local fishing spots and the Oregon coast, perhaps, once the spouse retires, we’ll step up to a more deluxe motor home and hit the open road.


  1. We had a motorhome when we had kids at home. We traveled some, then parked it in the back yard for one of our kids to live in while she was going to school. Finally gave it to a homeless friend a couple of years ago.

    Now, however, the RV life looks tempting again. But as Art says, "We've already done that."

  2. I think you will find it. It might just take a lot more looking. As for whether or not you're going to like being in it...well that's what experiments are for. Go for it, Nana.

  3. I also hope you find it and make sure you blog about your adventures! It will be my only RV experience, if you share it, that is. :-)

  4. My in-laws LOVE their RV! Their best friends also have one and now every Thanksgiving they go and park together in the local campground so they can deep fry a turkey, get hammered on margaritas and only have to traverse 2 or 3 steps to roll into bed :-) Fingers crossed that your meeting happens & its just the right one for you!

    I'm with you on camping btw, I tell my husband all the time that I'll happily go camping as long as I don't have to deal with bugs and can get a hot shower behind closed doors in the morning. He always says 'So, a hotel then?' and I respond 'Precisely!' :-)

  5. I also have a fantasy about having some sort of RV. I've always envisioned taking trips across country in one during retirement. My husband does not share my vision. He sees it as a nightmare.

    I hope you find the perfect RV to try out. Your plan sounds quite logical to me. There is one out there. I hope you find it soon.

  6. We went through that stage. Then, we got over it! I love comfort and luxury when I travel; if I want to enjoy the outdoors, I just have to step out of my cottage.

  7. You can rent RVs - that might be a good way to see if you like the experience. It sounds like your hubby really wants this. I like the picture of you sleeping late and then retiring under a tree with a book. :-)

  8. I just wrote a long one and it just went poof!
    My wife and I have been in this quandary for a while! I want a smallish class "c" that has a bedroom. My wife wants either a larger one, or a van type (go figure). I know that the Nat'l Parks won't allow anything larger than 32 feet though... We have friends who have RV's and if it wasn't for the price of gas, I'd already have one!

  9. Update!
    Last week we found and bought one. Now the work begins. Where to keep it?, insurance, roadside service? There's a lot to learn about how everything works...Hope to take it out next week for a shakedown cruise... If we still have enough money left for gas!


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