Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nana Panders to Seniors

A week or so ago I wrote a post about adjusting to being a senior citizen.  I wrote the post using Windows Live Writer, a free program that I am just learning how to use.  I heard about it reading the blog of technogranny, one of the followers of this blog.   I thought that Live Writer might have enhanced capabilities and I'm sure I'll be dazzled as soon as I figure out all the features.  When I posted the piece to Blogspot the type was different from my usual postings and I couldn't seem to adjust the typeface.  I wound up just using the "Large" font size.  A reader commented that he enjoyed finding larger print on my blog. 

Light bulb moment....  

...if I'm writing a blog about adjusting to retirement and becoming a senior citizen, then maybe I should publish this little blog in a typeface that most of us of a certain age appreciate: LARGE PRINT!

And you younger readers, get used to it.  Trust me, there will come a time when you will really appreciate good lighting and large print.


  1. So Nana,

    Is that a hint for those of us just a few years behind that we might want to start doing something like that if we want to "attract"/"interest" all parties of multiple age ranges?

    all smiles here

  2. I also like the larger type. But then again, I'm well into the Senior experience here, turning 68 next month!

  3. Hooray for large print! You go.

    I hope Nanowrimo goes well for you. Write like crazy. :-)

  4. I have my computer set on 125% because 100% is just too tiny even with glasses on!

  5. DUH! Thanks for lighting up my lightbulb (which has never been the brightest in my little attic). It's not just the seniors that have problems reading blogs. I have a thirty-something son with eyesight problems, who is always complaining about the small type on my pages. It really is quite a simple task to increase the size of the font. Now....if I can just remember to do it. Short term memory loss and all that ;-)


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