Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pig 'n Pancake and Treasure in Lincoln City

Friday morning the spouse and I had breakfast at The Pig 'n Pancake in Lincoln City.  I eat at the P 'n P every time I go to the coast; it's a tradition.  For years I attended the COSA (Confederation of Oregon School Administrators) Conference in Seaside, Oregon every June.  The Pig 'n Pancake was the breakfast meeting place of choice for eastern Oregon administrators.  I always order the same thing, strawberry crepes.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Pig 'n Pancake in Lincoln City.  I ordered my usual, the spouse had his eggs and pancakes, and we fired up the computer to take advantage of their WiFi to find coordinates to local geocache sites.  Then I took a look around the dining room.  We were in a corner booth.  At the table across from us was a family with four boys.  The mother had to be over 300 pounds.  Her thighs were hanging over the chair seat. I watched as the waitress delivered their full breakfast meals, hers  with a side of sausage.  At the table behind us was a couple whose combined weight was close to half a ton.  His enormous Humpty Dumpty stomach rested on his lap.  Everywhere I looked were overweight diners.  I started to feel guilty about those strawberry pancakes with whipped cream...but only for a minute.  They are delicious!

Before heading back to Portland we went in search of our second geocache.  Geocaching is a great way to see a new location.  We followed the coordinates of the cache south of Lincoln City on highway 101 and then east on a small road.  We drove up a hill until we  came close to the east/west coordinates on the GPS and found a safe place to pull over.  We walked a few yards off the road until the GPS indicated we were in the correct location...and then it's like an Easter egg hunt. 

We found the container hidden in a log.  We signed the log inside the box and looked over the list of people who had been there before us.  One couple had left a card that said:
We use million dollar satellites to find Tupperware hidden in the woods.
In the picture above you can see Siletz Bay in the distance.  The treasure we found was really the view!


  1. Thats cool, and sounds like (when we can afford it) it would be an awesome family vacation of family exploration.

    Thanks for the Idea!

  2. I guess it's called Pig'n pancakes for a reason but once in a while won't hurt. Sounds like you had fun, if you come to Edinburgh I'll hide something a the top of Arthur's seat, that view is worth it too!

  3. That view is beautiful!! I have heard on geocaching before. Sounds very interesting!

  4. Husband and I thought about trying geocaching, but we got sidetracked looking for glasses and car keys. We have enough hunting to do right under our roof.

  5. Geocaching sounds exciting! Glad to know you got to the coast.


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