Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Universe Speaks to Me About the Golden Years

Those new-age thinkers have a lot of sayings that I tend to roll my eyes at. Yes, I may be a liberal, but that doesn't mean you're going to see me in an ashram chanting anytime soon.

Have you heard them?

"The universe gives you what you need, but you have to be open to hearing it."

"Be open to possibilities."

"The universe continues to send the message until you listen."

Oprah gives lots of examples of this new age principle. First there are little clues and finally, when the intended recipient still doesn't get the message, the universe drops a hammer. The universe breaks the leg of a busy working mom because she didn't listen about taking time for herself. Some people have to learn the lessons the hard way!

Oprah is always asking people what the universe is telling them. It's sort of like a junior high literature class where you're looking for symbolism and the theme in a story you thought was only about a lab rat who got smart.

I do frequently ask myself "What am I supposed to learn from this?" Sometimes the universe's messages aren't very interesting.

Lately I've been learning about being a senior citizen. I learned about bifocals last week. The universe gave me a black eye because I wasn't paying attention. Yes, the universe has been sending me messages. I notice that the ads on my facebook page say "I will not be helpless." Now why does the universe want me to know about "medical emergency alarm systems for independent seniors?"

In the mail last week, mixed among the communications for AARP car insurance and supplementary medical insurance, was a postcard for mobility scooters. I just don't see myself tooling around Safeway in a senior scooter, a segway maybe, but a scooter?

I can't wait to see how the universe responds next. If you see me racing through Walmart on a pink scooter you'll know the universe won, or I'm not any better at decoding messages than I was at George K Porter Junior High.


  1. I want to learn to ride a Segway, but I wear trifocals. I may need to take them off when learning, plus wear a helmet and knee pads!

  2. Shucks, you are a mere child! Sixty is the old 40 and you can quote me. Nothing need change for you until you reach at least 80. You should still be able to do all you ever used to do until then unless something untoward happens and that is able to be overcome nowadays most of the time. You may get slapped down a couple of times, but just pick yourself up and go on living each day to the fullest.

    Now I know you didn't need for me to tell you all this but I can't help myself. Sorry about that.

    Yes, we both were in Texas for weddings at the same time, but you made your first mistake by not going to the reception and dancing at the reception. Let them hire a baby sitter for your grandchildren and you take your rightful place as a member of the family of the wedding party.
    I did and had a wonderful time. And that is what you have to do.
    Enough said. But you think about it. No more depending on Granny. You are still a viable member of the main event.

  3. Oh yes...I got one of those messages from the universe in the mail last week. It was an ad from our local funeral home suggesting I come in and take care of my final arrangements...yikes!! LOL!

    I love to read your Blog. You always make me smile...((Hugs))

  4. Linda: There are places where you can take tours on a Segway. In Austin, where the grandchildren live, there's a Segway tour. Lately I've been thinking about a little scooter...not the mobility kind but the motorcycle kind.

    Bernie: The wedding was my son-in-law's family. I didn't know many people so my preference was to go home with the kids. I'm not letting senior status hold me back, but it is surprising to me that it is a different world from the working world.

    Kat: I got one of those ads in the mail too! I'd forgotten all about it until I read your comment...darn, I could have included it in the piece!

    Thanks everyone for your comments. It gives me a thrill that someone actually reads these little stories.

  5. I like your blog, I will have to come back and read some of your older posts.

  6. We were in Asheville in September 2008 and there was a Segway tour at the Biltmore Estate. I decided to pass because I was recovering from surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon. I think I could do it now, though.

  7. This post is brilliant. You have such a blend of logic, personality, and...well, frankly, a kind of willfulness about you with which I identify! I enjoy the perspective you share. Thank you!

    On my Facebook last week, it asked me: "Single and feeling hopeless?", and then immediately afterwards I received an error when I was searching for a particular friend. It read "Friends of Shea: No results found." I laughed out loud and saved the link. Thanks, universe!

    Side note, I didn't want to isolate one of the few that have stopped by my blog. I'm very grateful for your feedback on my layout, and I made an improvement or two to the typeset. I'm still new to blogging, so I don't know if this is the appropriate setting to share that, so please don't take it as self-marketing on your page!


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