Friday, April 16, 2010

Treasure Hunting in Nana's Suitcase

I am heading to Texas next week to see my grandchildren.  Before they were born I promised my daughter that I would not be overindulgent.  Unlike my mother, I would not waste money on useless trinkets.  Instead of buying gifts, I would save money for their college education.  I did set up a 529 plan for each of them and I contribute monthly.  However, I can't stop myself from also buying gifts.  I went shopping today...and bought three dresses for each of them.  They look so cute when they have matching two of the dresses match. 

I did not want to be the grandmother who is greeted with "What did you bring me?"

I think I lost that battle quite a while ago.  My son-in-law told me that before I visited last month he had told Megan, the four-year-old, that I was coming  and he said to her "You know what that means?"

To which she replied "Yes, candy!"

Damm...she was right!  I brought Easter candy for both girls.  What her father meant to tell her was that she didn't have to go to daycare when Nana was there.

The first morning of my visit she came in the bedroom and asked me "What do you have in your suitcase, Nana?"  She's a smart little's a little more refined than asking "What did you bring me, Nana?"

So, to prepare for my trip I've stockpiled useless trinkets that I can stash in my suitcase.  It's the non-holiday version of an Easter egg hunt.  I have accepted that I am an over-indulgent grandmother.  When Nana visits she will have princess dresses, useless trinkets, books, and candy.  Two little jammie-clad girls will tear into my suitcase seeking treasures...and they will find them!


  1. Love it! I have been tempted by those cute little sun dresses myself lately. Buy for them while you can. I find that the older they get the more expensive the gifts become.

    Have a great trip.

  2. Absolute bliss!! As a grandmother, I know the feeling....we just can't help ourselves, can we? Lovely post!

  3. My Mother does the same thing when she visits us. She spoils the kids rotten. I guess it's what Grandmas do. My Grandparents used to do the same thing with me. I love your blog!


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