Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday Success Story

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

If I hadn't posted pictures of my clutter I probably would not have gotten anything done.  Although it took me several weeks, I finally made the effort to get some progress pictures taken and posted.  I didn't think that the Internet police would be busting in my doors to cite me for excessive cluttering, but I also didn't like that I had unfinished business hanging out in the public domain. 

        Before                                  After

Okay, I'm not ready for House Beautiful yet, but I cleaned out a lot of clutter and got the paintings hung.

I'm starting in on the kitchen next.  It is time for a kitchen make-over.  I'd like to have fancy countertops, but in this economy I really can't justify the cost.   In the next month I'm going to replace the out-dated tile backsplash, paint the walls, and call in the cabinet guy adjust the cabinet configeration so I can install a new stainless microwave/range hood over the range.

Thanks for the encouragement and for keeping me accountable for getting something done. 


  1. I love that stand in the top photo! And it looks great organized with the pictures up!

  2. Oh girl, I simply have to get busy tackling so place around here, too. You should see my hopechest. Oh, that's right! You can't "see" my hopechest because it is covered! EEK> LOL

  3. Go you!! I could totally use to organize my desk. It is such a mess.

  4. That stand is really cute! Isn't it nice how organized you feel (for five minutes) when you get a project done?! Hope you find your counter tops! They look like mine usually do!


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