Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clutter Busting Update

It's Wednesday and I've got even more clutter than I had when I posted the before pictures.  In the laundry room there's the over-flowing bins of dirty laundry. Yesterday I went grocery shopping (because I had a $10.00 off coupon with a purchase of $50.00 that expired that day and even though I didn't really need anything, well, it was $10.00!) So the counters in the kitchen have a new layer of stuff that didn't fit anywhere else.  I haven't even ventured into the back bedroom...I don't want to look at the stacks.  What's my excuse for not getting started with this project?  There's no excuse, I just found more interesting things to watching American Idol.  So tonight I'm going to tackle the cubbys in the entry while American Idol is on.  I'm a little out of practice with multi-tasking, but it's not like it takes a lot of brain power to watch TV!  If I make this goal I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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