Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oprah and Retirement

Several weeks ago Oprah announced that she would be ending her talk show and devoting her energies to other projects. Oprah has been an idol of mine for years. I have admired her openness and her commitment to personal growth. She is someone who walks her talk. Oprah is a role model…but I obviously don’t live up to her example. Unlike me, she’s planning ahead for what she will do when she leaves her current job. Oprah is making plans more than a year before she leaves her job. I decided to retire just a few weeks before I left my job and only now, a year after the fact, am I trying to figure out my next steps.

I’m adding attending a taping of the Oprah show to my retirement list. I’ll have to get right on this one; the clock is ticking.


  1. Great blog Jann! I love Oprah too! I don't get to watch her very often but always enjoy it when I do.
    What's new on your "retirement list?"
    I am cleaning out my junk drawer in the kitchen. Wish me luck!

  2. Hi again,
    Hey I'd love to attend an Oprah taping. Keep me in mind when you find out more information.


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