Monday, November 8, 2010

The Top 5 Things I Wonder How I Ever Lived Without

I could fill this list with just technology. How did we ever live without cell phones, computers, the internet? But, once in awhile, in the middle of an every day task, I will stop and recognize satisfaction or a little burst of pleasure…delight in the ordinary.

1. Pizza cutter: I had never owned a pizza cutter until I bought one recently at the dollar store. The nice thing about the dollar store is that if the item doesn’t work out, you’re only out a dollar. I threw caution to the wind and tossed a pizza cutter in my shopping cart. For years I have been cutting my home-baked pizza with a large kitchen knife. Now my dollar store pizza cutter slides across the crust and I cut it into even slices with a minimum of effort. Luxury for just a dollar!

2. Underwear that fits: I suppose most people have underwear that fits. Several years ago I had gastric bypass surgery. I lost a lot of weight. Little by little I had purchased a whole new wardrobe, except for underwear. My old underwear was still serviceable; why waste money to replace it? One day I went shopping with a friend and she caught a glimpse of my bloomers and burst out laughing. I bought new underwear. I don’t know why I held on to the oversized undies for so long. Perhaps I was resisting letting go of the old self image, perhaps I’m just cheap. Undies that fit are a good thing.

3. Heated leather seats in my car: I love, love, love heated leather seats. I splurged when I bought my car back in 2004. I had never had heated seats and now I will never buy a car that doesn’t have them. As the weather grows colder this fall, I am looking forward to driving with a warm butt.

4. Slurpees: I love them. If there were a diet coke slurpee, the world would be a better place.

5. My blog: I’ve gotten so much pleasure from writing regularly and getting responses from my blogging buddies. My blog opened a whole new world to me and I have enjoyed “meeting” new people and learning about so many new things.

 Once I started making a list it was hard to stop. There are so many simple, everyday things that I enjoy. One of the great things about the slower pace of retirement is having time to reflect and take a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures of every day life.


  1. Oh...a Coke Zero slurpee would be excellent!

    Somewhere on my list (barring human interactions, music, and technology) are white tank tops and my drugstore dental picks...I'm a closet dental hygienist on myself!

    Fun list.

    And my mom loved the dollar store. Reminded me of her.

  2. Yes, my blogs are also a high point in the day for me. I enjoyed your list, and it makes me wonder what mine would be. I couldn't do without my trekking poles, which help me get an upper body workout going uphill and saves my knees on the downhill. I don't drink slurpees and am not even sure what they are!

  3. Blogs. I had no idea that the simple discipline of frequent, short writes would yield new friendships.

    Hypoallergenic cats. Husband is allergic but not to Larisa, who provides us with something soft to pet and endless entertainment.

    Eyelid surgery. Had it in August, can see again, not to mention recognizing the eyes of my youth.

    A gas fireplace. We've lived in our house for 15 years with no fireplace. This lovely accessory, installed two years ago, gives us warmth and ambiance in the dark months.

    Quad, half-caf, 2%, mocha with half the chocolate. Embarrassing, but there you are.

    Good neighbors. We have some now and it is wonderful. When we got home from Italy at 11 p.m. on Friday, our porch light was on!

    Jann, I didn't know you'd had the bypass surgery. Must have been before we blogged. You deserve the new, comfy undies. I used to wear mine too tight, when I was heavier, because if I bought ones that fit it would mean I wasn't going to lose the weight. How dumb is that?

  4. If it weren't for the Internet (more specifically the Google start page) I probably would never have found out that today is the 115th anniversary of the discovery of x-rays. Lord knows I didn't go looking for that information.

    As for pizza cutters, I spent 19 years in that business and never used one. That's not to say they aren't a good thing. It's just that in a busy pizza place they're too slow and don't necessarily complete the task. On the other hand, they are much safer than those machetes that some pizza restaurants use.

  5. I agree with the heated seats and my blog!

  6. I love this list. I'm so with you on the heated seats and blogging. I can't live without (at least happily) a day started with coffee laced with half and half - pure pleasure.

    Laughing at you in your baggy underwear. Funny the things we hang on to.

  7. Lots of good stuff! I just remodeled a bathroom, and towel warmers are at the top of my list. How did we ever live without them?

  8. This is such a great list. I agree with you on the heated seats. They are a luxury I would hate to give up!

    I also love the blogging friends I've made. You were my first blogging friend who stopped by to read my blog and comment. Thank you for leaving your remarks and encouraging me on! You continue to inspire me.

  9. Pizza cutter: I recently misplaced mine, so I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my pizza wedges. Now I'll never use anything else. Thin, thick, crispy, chewy....the scissors cut perfect slices! That's the cheap blue scissors you can buy at Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks, not the good Fiskars.

    Slurpees: Nah, I can do without them. However, my world revolves around the flavor packets for my bottles of water. That's my own tap water, filtered by my PUR pitcher, and stored in my reusable glass bottles that have been washed and sterilized in the dishwasher.

    My blog: I so agree! I get much pleasure from writing mine and reading yours.


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