Sunday, May 23, 2010

The DNC Tries to Recruit Me

I received a letter this week from the Democratic National Committee. Barack Obama has been busy lately, what with the faltering economy and passing health care reform and all. He’s even put his wife to work fighting childhood obesity. That’s why I wasn’t surprised that he’s finally gotten around to asking for my help.

President Obama must have been reading my blog and noticed that since I’ve retired I’ve had a less than full calendar of activities. He has asked for my “immediate response to the 2010 Presidential Survey.” The letter goes on to say that he is looking to leaders such as me to “provide input about his agenda and the course ahead.”

Finally! Now here is something I can tackle in retirement. After thirty years in public education, I’ve got some ideas about education reform and school funding.

Now all I have to do is express my opinion by completing and returning the survey and….wait a minute, “help support President Obama’s initiatives by including a generous donation.”

Well, I guess I won’t be adding presidential advisor to my list of retirement activities after all.

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