Monday, February 8, 2010

Clutter Busting for Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I'm not sure that I should be posting under this Tackle It Tuesday meme. I think I'm supposed to actually accomplish something before I post. All that I have accomplished is identifying the targets...and taking the before pictures. I figured if I made this public declaration of my intention, maybe I'd actually follow through and get at least one of these messes cleaned up.

As you enter my front door the picture below is what you see.  What a lovely greeting!  Every cubby is filled with clutter.

The counters in my kitchen are full...because there's no room in the cupboards for the overflow!

The counters in the laundry room aren't any better than the kitchen.

When my mother died, I inherited all her jewlery.  There are pieces that I remember her wearing and pieces that we bought when we shopped together.  There are also pieces that hold no meaning for me or have no value or are broken.  There are single earrings and rings missing stones.  When I brought the jewlery home after cleaning out her house, I piled it in the back bedroom.  I haven't sorted through it because making decisions about what to keep and how to dispose of the unwanted items seems to be too big a task.  Several times I started sorting and then gave up.  It has been two years since she died, and it's time to get this taken care of.  The pictures below don't really show the scope of the task!

Now that I have thrown open the curtains to expose the clutter that is my home, I'm making a commitment to start organizing.  I know I will never be Martha Stewart, but I do believe that one cannot have tranquility in life when living in chaos.  I'm choosing to shoot for tranquility.


  1. Those kitchen counters look VERY familiar!

    You can do it!! :)
    Good job for getting motivated!

  2. That's not clutter. It is a comfortable well-lived-in home.


  3. you are so right about clutter It seems to make my day awful living in it

  4. Good luck with your tackle! I posted my tackle incomplete as well.. now that I posted my trouble area for all of blogland to see, I will have the motivation to clean it. We have a snow storm brewing right now, so I will be home bound, so I will have time to work on it.. hopefully!

  5. Well good luck!! It looks like my house and I am no good at getting rid of clutter.

  6. I've been cruising back in your posts and had to comment on this one! Oh my gosh! This could be my house! I need a "major event" to tackle the clutter in my house. We are having an "Open House ~ Good Bye Party" for my daughter on Labor Day. I should be doing something around here instead of blogging and reading blogs! You sort of motivated me, but the true motivation will be the day before, when I'm screaming in all directions, "I can't believe I planned this party! Help me clean this house people!" to my husband and daughters!


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