Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nana Spreads Some Goodwill

I spent yesterday in the closet.  Or, should I say closets?  As I posted on Wednesday, it was time to clean out my accumulation of shoes.  I tried to channel Peter Walch, Oprah's organization guru,  and I developed criteria for any pair that I was going to keep.
  • in good condition
  • comfortable
  • fit well
  • meet a need in my wardrobe or I just love them
I started with 102 pairs, but along the way I found a few more pairs under the beds or tucked away in the back of the closets.  My goal was to reduce by 20%.  The first five or six pairs to toss was easy and included four pairs of black pumps.  I kept one pair of basic black heels, but numerous black dressy know, for that once in a blue moon that I dress up.  But, a girl's got to have strappy heels for summer dress-up and fancy closed toe shoes for winter.  I'm down to only two pair of lime green shoes, summer sandals and spring loafers, but I've still got my four pairs of pink shoes. 

I have two big bags of shoes in the trunk of my car to take to Goodwill.  I culled 18 pairs from the collection.  I said goodbye to three pairs of gray heels...but I still have at least three pairs of gray shoes in the closet.  I really was surprised that I had so many gray shoes. 

I found a pair of brand new slippers, still in the box, in the back of the closet.  So I threw away two pairs of slippers that had seen better days.

Once I was in the closets (notice it's plural, I use two walk-in closets in the two back bedrooms) I started in on the clothing.  When my daughter lived at home, she was my fashion Nazi.  It wasn't until she moved out that my collection of holiday sweaters grew to epic proportions.  Without her input I do have what could best be described as "some poor choices!"

I kept reminding myself that I am retired and my wardrobe meets different needs now.  I have two boxes of suits going to Goodwill also.  I tried on almost everything in the closet and if it didn't fit perfectly, it went in the donate pile.  Eighteen suits are gone, but I still have almost that many left in the closet.  All the brown suits went.  I don't particularly like brown, so I'm not sure why I bought those particular suits in the first place.  I'm left with classic black and blue suits.  I guess I'm not totally ready to let go of my working life, or I would have let all the business attire go.

I enjoyed reading the comments from my earlier post.  I do wish all of you lived in my neighborhood...what a great field trip we could have shopping for shoes!  Oh, I forgot, I'm not buying shoes; I have enough shoes.  Let's go shopping for leisure wear...I've got some room in my closet now for a new retirement wardrobe!


  1. I loved my trip to Goodwill earlier this week, and now I can see exactly what I have and I know it all fits. Yesterday I went shopping again and bought six shirts - three on sale from JCPenney for home, and three on sale from Chico's for our traveling. It feels good.

  2. When I saw the picture, I immediately began trying to figure out about what size those shoes might be, and if I could ask you to sell some of them to me! I'm quite sure they'd be too small for me.
    Too bad, because I really like some of those sandals!

  3. Congrats to you for being proactive and getting rid of some shoes.

    I may have to take your lead and do the same, but yeah.....I am really lazy.

    I will do it tomorrow....

    Or maybe the day after that.

  4. Congratulations! You done good! What's next?

  5. There is life after Employment Wear, I promise. After three years, here's what I find it boils down to, if I just own what I really need now:

    Nothing but flats, including one dress black pair of ballet pumps for funerals. One black velvet pair of pants and long coat for anything formal. One deep blue summer silk for funerals. One black winter suit for funerals.

    Got that? Funerals. That's about the only time we need special clothes. Morbid? Nope: FREE!

    Everything else is casual ballet flats, hikers, trainers, flip flops, and a clog or two. And every color of skinny jean/jeggings ever invented by the Gods of Retail. And a ton of hot tunics to go over them.

    Done. Lovin' it. You can do it, sistergirl!

  6. I find it so hard to give up shoes! Not sure why! Good for you for getting rid of so many!

  7. I liked the shoes in the photo. Are those the ones you are giving away? I have to say that you have me beat in both the shoes and clothes department. I didn't think anyone did. Now, I can say to my husband that I know someone who has more shoes and more clothes than I do. He won't believe it.

    I do need a pair of strappy black heels. I've been looking for the right pair for several years now. What size are your's? TeeHee...

  8. That was a great idea. You are a shoe lady apparently. Good luck clothes shopping. Wish I could come along :)

  9. Wow! You should find a way to celebrate your courage and accomplishment here. Maybe by shopping for something new for spring?


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