Friday, September 3, 2010

Nana Shares Her Secrets for Scoring a Bag of Crap

Readers of this blog have heard before of my obsession for Woot and for scoring a Bag of Crap.   I recently scored my third Bag of Crap.  After six months of unsuccessful efforts at every Woot- Off,  I have scored three in a row, most recently on 8/20/10.    I am now obsessively checking FedEx for shipping updates and watching the Woot Forum to see what the other Wooters received in their BOCs.   Most of the fun in a BOC is the anticipation.  It's sort of like waiting for Santa hope he'll finally bring you that pony, but Christmas morning you find the usual toys.  I haven't had a big score yet, but I remain eternally hopeful that the Woot gods will smile on me and deliver a box of spectacular technology.

The anticipated delivery date of my latest BOC is this Saturday, September 2.  I won't be home to open it, I'm going on a week long cruise to Alaska.  I have left strict orders for my son not to open it.  While on the cruise I will imagine that my pony is waiting for me under the tree.

I notice that my first Bag of Crap post written several months ago continues to get hits.  I decided to write about how I was finally successful.  So, how did I do it?  How did I finally get a Bag of Crap?  Here's my secret...well, not so much a secret as the procedure that finally worked for me.

After my first experience with a Woot Off I started using a couple of different trackers.  Several of them have a feature that lets you set an automatic buy feature when the BOC comes up.  The first several times I used the trackers I wasn't successful.  I had almost decided to give up.  After staying up all night waiting for the mythical BOC, I was tired and frustrated.  Then I read a comment on one of the Woot forums.  The Wooter said that he was successful because after hitting the buy button, entering the required information and hitting the ridiculously large buy it button...HE DID NOTHING ELSE

Several times I had gotten through to the buy page and got anxious waiting for the order to process and I re-hit the button, or I opened another screen and tried again...none of these strategies worked.  But when I hit the final button and did nothing else, I was successful.

It's worked for me three times now.  Make sure that you are logged in to your account and check that your credit card or pay pal info is don't want to waste time updating during a BOC buy.  I keep my credit card handy so I'm ready to enter the secret code. is the tracker that I use.  Test the alarm and the buy function and make sure your pop-up blocker is off.  And when you're successful in getting that BOC...send them a donation.  I did.

Good luck...and let me know if it works for you.  Happy Wooting!


  1. Congratulations... I think?

    BTW - your analogy about the pony reminded me of a joke.

  2. Every time you write about these Bags of Crap it amuses me. You look forward to them with such excitement, and there's a delightful irony in that, and a reminder of how we all love surprises!

  3. Enjoy your trip, and take some satisfaction in the fact that now my BOC isn't scheduled to arrive until the 13th. You might be opening yours before I'm opening mine!

  4. If you get a pony in your BOC, you'd better have some straw and a shovel in there with it! :-P


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