Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Baby, Part Six

Hey, Jann, you've found your sister!  What are you going to do next?

Stacey and I had texted throughout my five hour drive from Seattle to Hermiston.  I had stopped at every rest area to text.

I was physically and emotionally exhausted when I got home to Oregon.  In her home, Stacey was tired too.  She hadn't gone to work that Monday morning because she was ill.  (Another way the universe conspired for us to find each other.  If she hadn't been home, she wouldn't have received the phone call from the search angel.)  By 7:00 PM she was ready for bed and texted me that we could talk the next day.

I tried to coherently tell the story to the spouse.   I was a roller coaster of emotions and the spouse was smart enough to leave me alone and let me work through it.

I woke up on Tuesday thinking about Stacey...and texting with Stacey is about all I did that day.  I didn't want to bother her at work, but she texted between students and at lunch.  Finally,  that evening we spoke on the phone.  The spouse fended for himself for dinner.  Stacey and I talked for for almost two hours.  We have a lot of things in common.  We have a lot of years to catch up on.  

In late October I went to Greece to volunteer at the Oinofyta Refugee Camp.  I had limited access to wifi and no phone.  Stacy and I communicated a few times through Facebook.  This week Stacey is at a retreat and she's the one without phone and wifi.  

This is the last "Baby" post I will make until after Thanksgiving.  The spouse and I are leaving Sunday to spend the holiday with our grandchildren.  When I booked our flights several months ago,  our return trip on the Friday after Thanksgiving was routed through Los Angeles.  As many times as I've flown in and out of Austin in the past eight years, this is the first time I've been routed through LA.  Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes the stars align to open up possibilities.  Stacey lives near Los Angeles.  I'm getting off the plane in LA and Stacey and her boyfriend will pick me up at the airport.  We're going to spend the weekend with our brothers in San Diego.  

I hope there will be pictures that I can share when I return.  I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Thank you all for your supportive comments as I shared our journey of discovery.

And now this is the part of the story where I reflect...

In hind sight I realize that I had not thought through the possible consequences of searching for my sister.  It all happened so fast.  I hadn't consulted with other family members.   I was searching for MY sister...with the emphasis on my.  I envisioned a joyful reunion and a happy ever after.  I still hope that is the outcome of our story, but I also know that our family dynamic is forever changed. We can't change the past, but I hope we can go forward and build relationships.   I'm trusting that love will win.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful reunion

  2. This all happened so fast. With modern technology the search which in the past could have taken years lasted only days. The rest of your family needs time to process and adjust. After all, your brothers already had the sister they needed - you!
    Wishing you the very best of outcomes as your family enters their new reality. Have a lovely time with your grandchildren first! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I know it was fast, but it was also meant to be. I hope she is everything you ever wanted from a sister. I'm so glad I've got my sister Norma Jean, along with the other two younger ones. Since we didn't grow up together, we are not as close, but we are still family and love each other. I think Stacey will find her place in your family circle. Sending you much love during this Thanksgiving season, Jann. :-)

  4. She's your sister. It's OK to run with it.

  5. No words. Blessings on your meeting.

  6. Family members are our ties to the past and the future. Enjoy.

  7. I will hope for a happy meeting and reunion, and that you and your sister can continue to build on this joyous start. Best of luck to you.

  8. Love will win. I just know it. This whole amazing experience happened because it was meant to. Of course love will win. What a story! I can hardly wait for the next chapter. Happy Thanksgiving, Jann!

  9. What Sandi said. Love will win. I know it will. I can hardly wait to hear the rest of the story too. Is your sister a teacher? I have so many questions. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will be thinking of you. XO

  10. Following your heart is never wrong. It might feel fast, but this reunion was decades in the making. Sending you love and prayers, and looking forward to pictures and more stories.


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