Sunday, December 22, 2013

We Like to Write

I like to write.  My youngest granddaughter also likes to write.  When she was very small she would scribble on paper and demand that we read it back to her.  She couldn't understand why we couldn't read her scribbles.  Now that she is in first grade she has finally figured out the whole letter/sound system.  My daughter sent me the following paper that she wrote in her journal in school.

My Nana
I love my Nana because she has fun projects.
She visits fom Oregon.
We go to the park to play.
She helps me pick up my room.  She is awesome and cool.
My Nana loves me


Yep, I love her!  …and it's nice to know that I am awesome and cool!


  1. Wow! She is really good at this writing business, taking after her Nana, I guess. So sweet! Thanks for sharing your beautiful grand with me, Nana. :-)

  2. I am guessing that you may just hang onto that masterpiece.

  3. Another writer in the family! How long until she's blogging? :-)

  4. Puffs up your heart a little, doesn't it. We are so thrilled when it comes together for them, and Hunter has taken it all in stride. She is awesome and cool.

  5. What a heart-warmer! She's so precious! You're very blessed and, at the same time, you've obviously earned her love!

  6. Grandchildren are a wonderful gift.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh, that is the highest praise ever!

  8. Sounds like Hunter is awesome and cool too!


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