Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hear This!

Our original plan was for the spouse to retire at the end of June, but then he didn't get around to registering for medicare and now he needs to maintain his employer provided health insurance until medicare kicks in. His employer asked only that he let them know a few weeks before he wants to go.   They've been planning for this transition for a while now.  His medicare card showed up in the mail today, so I imagine that he will be retiring in the next few weeks.   In preparation for this major change in our income and lifestyle I decided to take advantage of our double coverage while I still had it and made appointments to get all systems checked.  I've been to the doctor, dentist, and hearing specialist. 

I came home from today's appointment and saw that my copy of the AARP magazine had been delivered.  Today I was fitted for hearing aids.  I guess I can't deny it any longer...I am a stereotype; Nana is a senior citizen! 

I didn't realize I had a hearing loss.  I had noticed that I was asking the spouse to repeat what he said, but he mumbles.  Come to think of it, a lot of people mumble.  I knew that I leaned in hear conversations, but there was background noise.  I sometimes heard words, but didn't understand what was said.  The hearing test showed that there was substantial loss at certain frequencies.  I think that I still didn't really believe that I was hearing impaired.

Today the technician inserted the aids in my ears, and I was stunned at the difference in my hearing. After calibration of the aids, I can best describe my hearing as crisp.  I can hear every syllable and understand every word.  Until the moment that the hearing aid was turned on, I didn't really believe I had a hearing problem.  Now I'm a believer and I'm grateful that the problem can be remediated.

I am embracing my new role as a senior. I'm rocking these hearing aids.  Maybe I'll shop the yard sales this weekend for a cane.  I'm not ready to accessorize this role with a walker, but a cane could be a fashion statement!


  1. That's where to get a spiffy cane! I'll be checking myself. And, you won't regret hearing aids. Wait, you already don't.

  2. I have been delaying getting hearing aids, because so many people have trouble with them and end up replacing them every few years as new technology is developed. That gets very expensive.
    I am curious to know what style of aids you got. Discerning speech is my problem too.

    1. Linda, The ones I got are very small behind the ear models. There's a thin plastic tube that slides into my ear. They were very expensive, but since I have double coverage right now, I don't expect I have to pay anything...the hearing aid technician was rubbing his hands with glee when he checked my insurance! Friends have told me that Costco sells high quality aids at more reasonable prices, but since I had the coverage I opted to go local so I can get repairs etc. locally. If my hearing gets worse, the aids are digital and can be reprogrammed. Once you do it, you will be surprised at how much it helps.

  3. I think you could totally rock the cane as well as the hearing aids! So glad you can hear better now and that people are no long mumbling:) My granddaughter (age 8) needs a hearing aid but has been resisting. She finally told her mom she would like one so she doesn't always have to sit in the front of the class. She would like to have her desk moved around like the other kids.

  4. My husband ordered his hearing aids last Saturday. When he walked around with a sample pair in his ears, he could hear conversations and air conditioners. He looked like a man emerging from a cave. I am very happy for him. And for you!

  5. My wife says I have hearing loss and need to get checked.
    I say I have loss only in a couple of frequencies.
    Can I help it if my wife's voice falls into one of those frequencies?

    Maybe I am losing my hearing. I just thought people were finally leaving me alone...

  6. Great idea to get everything checked NOW while the coverage is there and solid. And what a bonus! Being able to hear again has to be thrilling.

  7. I know I have hearing loss, especially in one ear. I turn over and cover my "good" ear in bed when I want some peace and quiet. But I really don't know how much hearing loss I've got overall. Perhaps it's a good idea. Those aids you have are the same that my fisherman friend got from the VA. Very expensive but also very good. Unfortunately, they aren't covered at all with Medicare. Congratulations on being able to hear!!! :-)

  8. Go ahead and accessorize with the cane.
    When you're ready for a walker Medicare covers it.

  9. Ah, so much to look forward to! Enjoy,and keep us posted.

  10. You are definitely entering Senior Citizenship with a good attitude! That's an important step. Congrats!

  11. I agree with Joeh: WHAT?
    Hearing aids, fine, but leave that cane just for now You may need a wheelchair soon; becoming doddery with ancientism can cause falls if you’re upright, you know.

    Beloved accused me of mumbling for years. Now he only does it when he forgets to change the battery in his (1) hearing aid.

  12. Dear Jann, I'm so glad that the hearing aids are working for you and that you are happy with them. I am almost totally deaf in my left ear because of Meniere's Disease and no hearing aid can help with this kind of deafness. In my other ear, like you, I miss certain frequencies, but still I have good hearing, the doctor say, for my age. So that's a relief at 77!

  13. I just jumped over from Linda Reeder's blog and found your post interesting. I'm still adjusting to being a senior and to my move back to Hawaii from Illinois. I think my husband need hearing aids too. :-)

  14. You're the only person I know who can make hearing aids sound fun. And who can make the aging process seem like no big deal. :-)


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