Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writing Topics

I’ve been pondering writing topics, trying to get back into the routine of writing regularly. By pondering I mean sitting on the couch with my laptop and eating snacks. So far I’ve had two apple turnovers and a diet coke and no inspiration.

I thought that perhaps I should have a themed writing day on my blog. If every Monday I wrote on the same topic that might get me into a routine. Since it was Monday, I was inspired to start with Money Saving Monday. Every Monday I would write tips for retired folks on how to live well on a fixed income. Now that’s a blog I would read. Although  I’m pretty good at living cheaply, that's because I'm a recluse and rarely spend money.  That's my only tip...don't spend money. So, I wrote nothing but a catchy title.  Perhaps I need more snacks to help me figure out money saving tips.

I’ve noticed that all the themed writing posts on other blogs are alliterative. So I started making a list:

Tuesday Tips, Trash Talk Tuesday, Tuesday Travel

Wednesday Wonders, WTF Wednesday

Thursday …what goes with Thursday?

Friday Fun, Fashion Friday, Friday Fads, Friday Features

…and none of this is very inspiring. The things that I am an expert in, like grant writing and shopping, don’t really hold my interest any longer. What the F**k Wednesday is the most appealing topic and how pitiful is that?

It’s a good thing that I’m going to visit the grandchildren this week…they’re always good for some heart-warming blog stories.


  1. You're on a roll, from what I see. Go in, start with one blog a week, such as Snack Saturdays, or Wishy-washy Wednesdays.

    For me, having these pre-determined blog days would turn out to be big chores.

  2. You had me laughing on this one! I love the Wednesday theme. I've also thought about the themed writing for a day of the week, but that felt like too much pressure. Plus, I had no ideas about themes.

  3. Rosaria, I think I will do one scheduled post on a themed topic.

    Sally, Yeah, Wednesday is my favorite too. WTF Wednesday it is. I've already started making notes about the things that have me slapping my forehead.

  4. What in federation Wednesday has a nice ring... followed by -

  5. Think-I'll-Lie-Down-and-Have-another-Turnover Thursday?

  6. It must be about three months ago I set myself a theme for Saturday's in which I give a brief description of one of the counties in England, complete with a picture. It is starting to become a little wearisome at times, but I'm also learning a lot. So yes, the discipline is worth it.

    (See brightonpebbles.blogspot.com if I'm allowed a quick plug!)

  7. I also have a hard time doing the same thing every week, and I enjoy a few of the theme blogs, but I much prefer stream of consciousness with a coupla good pictures.

  8. You make me laugh out loud, even when you don't have anything to write about. Maybe that's the secret. :-)

  9. WTF Wednesday? You've been subbing lately, I"ll bet!

  10. I think there is a blog meme called WTF Wednesday ... I've seen the posts around and they are quite fun.

    I'm sure you could find enough regular memes to keep you in topics for every day of the week!

  11. I need money saving Monday, I have issues with spending. You may have guessed this from the handbag thing!

  12. Mra. M...I don't think one should even try to save money on handbags, or shoes!

    I'm going with the Wednesday theme...stay tuned.

  13. Nana,

    Uhhhh Ohh ohh ohhh, Pick me, Pick me!!!!

    I have an Idea, Pick me!!!!

    Sort of a Spin off of Scrappy Ambers DBOM you could have a:

    "Who Deserves a Thumping Thursdays" and choose the biggest No Brainer Dingbat of the week - Local or National or just Pi**ed you Off that week.


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